Must Have Accessories for Cell Phone

Thinking of increasing your mobile? There are several ways to make your smarthphone or common cell even better. There is a whole industry dedicated to the manufacture of accessories for mobile varying price and almost all market models. Some are so fun and cool giving up desire to buy a new handset just to when there is the novelty in the market. Others are functional and you will think, how I lived without it so far? Know then some.

Must Have Accessories for Cell Phone

Phone stand – driving with the cell phone use is prohibited, but there are other device requirements for use in general. It is much simpler to do household chores and receive calls at the same time as you are hands free. For many uses, the accessory is great. Several brands already sell, including from China. Price starting from $ 40.

Silicone case – protect the device from scratches is more than necessary to ensure prolonged use of your mobile phone. So that arose silicone capes, durable and lightweight material makes the device thicker on the side, but has some advantages protecting falls, avoiding clicks on the screen or break. Price from $ 40.

Must Have Accessories for Cell Phone 1

Screen film – even on touch devices scream no problem to use because the screen will continue working. The film can be transparent or matte, it is inexpensive compared with the exchange of a whole screen scraper. For anyone thinking of reselling the product before changing is a good choice because it leaves the screen with the same cash taken away.

Must Have Accessories for Cell Phone 2

Car window stand – comes with an adhesive part that sticks in the car window. On the inside, the firm unit with a kind of adhesive. Fits smartphones use as GPS or who is using the device still listen to music, watch movies and videos let through to passengers.

Must Have Accessories for Cell Phone 3

Power bank – extra battery. The biggest problem of cell phone (see is the device’s battery runs out. On the street, when you have a place to charge the device, just connect your extra battery via USB cable in the bag and wait a while the charge back. Gain a full charge. Price from $ 30.

Accessories for Cell Phone

Funny Accessories for Cell Phone

Photography lens – there are already manufacturers specializing in the fact that everyone uses their phone as a digital camera. In the market we find today tele lenses, fish eye and wide-angle to change the way you shoot. The images are becoming professional face it! For those who enjoy a little more than Instagram with your digital images is a great choice. Price starting from $ 40.

Key chains – there are manufacturers who already create small cracks for appliances and some flash and change color when the phone rings. It’s fun and very cheap. Price of R $ 3.

Clamp – who knit or practicing some exercises and still want to continue with the appliance, just use a clamp. Closes with velcro and there are several models to fit both the mobile screen and wide as the width of available arms. Price from $ 30.

Flip case – it closes as a calculator. It is often used for those who love the wallet style storing the appliance. Many have signed when you close safer to let loose in the bag and do not scratch.

Pop handset – you can have cell phone and sometimes want to use a conventional telephone. It’s simple: use a pop handset. It mimics phone models of the 90s, and with different colors to make the accessory even more playful.