The 10 Largest Cruise Lines in the World

In the ranking of the 10 largest cruise ships in the world, not only the largest, but also the most impressive ships are represented. Every single one of these 10 largest ships in the world is an architectural masterpiece of a special kind.

No. 10 – Diadem Coast

With a length of 306 meters and a width of 37.2 meters, the Costa Diadema lands in 10th place. The cruise ship has 14 decks, three pools, four restaurants and 1823 cabins. 3646 passengers have space on this ship; the crew consists of 1367 people. The ship was built near Fincantieri, Monfalcone in Italy.

No. 9 – MSC Preziosa

The MSC Preziosa came in ninth place. The length of the ship is 333.3 meters; the width is 37.9 meters. The ship has four pools, four restaurants and 13 decks. 3274 passengers are entrusted by a 1320 strong crew. There are 1637 cabins on board. The ship was built at STX Europe, France.

No. 8 – Mariner of the Seas

The ship was built at Masa Yards (Turku) in Finland, is 311 meters long and 38.6 meters wide. 13 decks, 1557 cabins, two restaurants and four pools are available for the 3138 passengers. The crew consists of 1181 people.

No. 7 – Regal Princess, Britannia (P&O)

The length of the ship is 330 meters; the width of the Regal Princess, Britannia is 38.4 meters. 3560 passengers have space on board the cruise ship; 1780 cabins are available to guests. The ship also has 15 decks, two pools and six restaurants. The ship was built at Fincantieri (Monfalcone) in Italy.

No. 6 – Norwegian Getaway

The length of the Norwegian Getaway is 324.6 meters. The width of the ship is 39.7 meters. 4028 passengers have space on this cruise ship. A total of 2014 cabins are available on 14 decks. The ship has four pools and 14 restaurants and was built at Meyer Werft in Papenburg, Germany.

No. 5 – Queen Mary 2

The Queen Mary 2 is 345 meters long and 41 meters wide. The ship has 12 decks, five restaurants, five pools, and 1,296 cabins; 2592 passengers can ride and are entrusted by a 1250 strong crew. The ship was built at Chantiers de l´Atlantique in France.

No. 4 – Independence of the Seas

With a length of 339 meters and a width of 38.6 meters, the Independence of the Seas lands in fourth place. 13 decks, four pools and five restaurants with a total of 1800 cabins are available for 3600 passengers. The ship was built at Masa Yards (Turku) in Finland.

No. 3 – Norwegian Epic

The Norwegian Epic is 329.4 meters long and 40.6 meters wide. There are 14 decks, three pools, 14 restaurants and 2,114 cabins available on board. The ship can accommodate 4631 passengers and was built at STX St. Nazaire in France.

No. 2 – Ovation of the Seas

With a length of 348 meters and a width of 41.4 meters, the Ovation of the Seas takes second place. 16 decks, 13 restaurants, 2090 cabins and 4905 passengers ensure that the ship from Germany built by Meyer Werft receives the silver medal in the ranking.

No. 1 – Allure of the Seas

The undisputed number 1: 361 meters long, 47 meters wide – 2706 cabins are available for 5400 passengers. 16 decks, four pools and eight restaurants ensure that the Allure of the Seas is the largest cruise ship in the world.

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