6 Tips to Protect Your Smartphone

The people who have gone through this you know: having your smartphone stolen, stolen or lost is extremely frustrating. In addition to having to give up an object that he liked, you still run the risk of losing all your files, give access to another person’s personal data and to have your number used for illicit purposes. How to resolve these problems?

6 Tips to Protect Your Smartphone 1

There are ways to protect your data and facilitate the location of the instrument. Check out 6 tips below:

Always make backups

It is crucial to make constant backups not only protect your smartphone in case of theft, but also to loss, malfunction or accidents. There are several options of apps that do backups in the cloud, including software already installed as standard on the systems Android and iOS.

Increase the frequency of these backups in case your smartphone have a lot of work files.

Find out your IMEI number

The IMEI is a unique identification number, comprising 15 digits, which is assigned by manufacturer to every device. There are two very easy ways to find out: in the box of the device or by typing *#06# on the mobile phone. Always make a note of this number in a safe place, where you can quickly access in case of theft.

With this number, the operator can promote the lock of the instrument, eliminating the possibility of making connections and access to the internet, leaving it almost useless to those who stole him.

6 Tips to Protect Your Smartphone 2

Try to locate the smartphone by internet

Another way of protecting your smartphone is the remote location. For the Android system, it is often necessary to install an app, since the iOS system has the function “Find my iPhone” as the default. This is especially useful when the unit is next, and you approach a police officer or when — and this happens! — your appliance is found by an honest person. Always try to locate your smartphone before you lock it or erase data remotely.

Lock data remotely

Perhaps this is one of the most important tips to protect your smartphone in case of theft: to block the data as soon as possible. You don’t want a thief to have access to your contacts, photos, documents and can use them for other illicit purposes, it is not the same?

On the iPhone, the app that allows blocking of data is the same as that used for the location, the “Find my iPhone”. Already for devices that have the Android system it is necessary to install an application-specific security, among several options in the Play Store.

6 Tips to Protect Your Smartphone 3

Inform the carrier and block the number

Once you understand the theft, call the operator and report the loss of your mobile phone. They will immediately do the blocking of the line. With this, the person who stole your device may not be able to make calls on your line and you can protect yourself from the possibility of having your number associated with some other illicit practice.

After you have the line blocked, it is easy to go in any store of your carrier, and buy a chip with the same number the previous. Typically, the line is re-enabled in less than 48 hours.

Make a bulletin of occurrence (B. O.)

A newsletter of the occurrence in the Civil Police will not directly protect your smartphone, but it can be a pre-requisite to be able to be reimbursed by your insurance. In cases of theft (when there is a burglar, for example), the record should be made at a police station; in cases of theft (in situations such as when the device is taken from the inside of the bag), many states already accept that the B. O. is done through the internet.

Register for the newsletter it is also important to that the theft or robbery to be computed in the statistics of the Department of Security of his state and of his city, helping the police to conduct a security plan the most suitable for the region.

If you know of other tips that ensure the security of the data of the smartphone, share with us in the comments (: