Adams County, Mississippi

Adams County, Mississippi

According to countryaah, Aitkin County is located in northern Minnesota, bordered by the counties of Carlton to the east, St. Louis to the southeast, Itasca to the south, and Koochiching to the west. The county is also bordered by Lake Superior to the north and has a total area of 1,842 square miles. The terrain is generally flat and heavily forested with a mix of coniferous and hardwood trees. The county seat is Aitkin and other notable towns include McGregor, Hill City, Palisade and McGrath.

The county’s climate is typical of Minnesota’s northern region with long cold winters and short warm summers. Average temperatures range from around 5°F in January to around 75°F in July. Precipitation averages around 30 inches per year with snowfall averaging around 50 inches per year.

The economy of Aitkin County is based mainly on tourism, forestry and agriculture. Major tourist attractions include fishing on Mille Lacs Lake or other nearby lakes such as Bowstring or Ten Mile Lakes; hunting; camping; skiing; boating; canoeing; snowmobiling; bird watching; golfing at several local courses such as Aitkin Golf Course or Northland Country Club; or visiting some of the many historical sites such as Grand Rapids Historical Society Museum, Ojibwe Indian Village site near Hill City or John Beargrease Sled Dog Marathon site near Two Harbors/Duluth area.

The county is served by two airports (McGregor-Aitkin Airport & Grand Rapids-Itasca County Airport) as well as several bus routes which provide access to nearby cities such as Duluth (2 hours away), Minneapolis/St Paul (3 hours away) and even Canada (4 hours away).

Aitkin County offers a variety of outdoor activities for those who enjoy nature including hiking trails at Mille Lacs Kathio State Park and Banning State Park, biking trails along Paul Bunyan Trail State Forest or canoeing down one of many rivers like Mississippi River or St Louis River. There are also numerous lakes for fishing including Mille Lacs Lake which is known for its excellent walleye population.

Demographics of Adams County, Mississippi

Adams County, Mississippi is located in the southwestern corner of the state and is the fourth-smallest county in Mississippi. It is bordered by Wilkinson County to the east, Jefferson County to the south, Amite County to the west, and Franklin County to the north. The county has a total area of 535 square miles and its terrain is primarily flat with gently rolling hills. The climate is mild with warm summers and cool winters. Average temperatures range from around 40°F in January to around 90°F in July. Precipitation averages around 50 inches per year with snowfall averaging only around 5 inches per year.

As of 2019, Adams County had a population of 32,539 people according to United States Census Bureau estimates. Of this population, approximately 43% are White, 55% are African American, 1% are Asian or Pacific Islander, 0.3% are American Indian or Alaskan Native and 0.4% identify as two or more races. About half (50%) of Adams County’s population identifies as female while 50% identifies as male. The median age for residents in Adams County is 36 years old with a median household income of $36,918 per year according to U.S Census Bureau data from 2018-2019 estimates..

In terms of education level attainment among adults age 25 and over living in Adams County: 22% do not have a high school diploma; 18% have completed high school; 8% have some college but no degree; 15 % have an Associate’s degree; 10 % have a Bachelor’s degree; 6 % have a Master’s degree; 2 % have earned a Doctorate degree or professional degree; and 28 % did not report their educational attainment level on their census survey form..

In terms of labor force participation: 70 % are employed while 30 % are unemployed (as reported by United States Census Bureau data from 2018-2019 estimates). The largest industries for employment include manufacturing (14%), retail trade (13%), health care & social assistance (13%), accommodation & food services (12%), construction (11%), administrative & support services (10%), transportation & warehousing (8%) and educational services (6%).

The poverty rate for Adams Country was estimated at 17 percent according to United States Census Bureau data from 2018-2019 estimates which was slightly higher than state average of 16%.

Places of Interest in Adams County, Mississippi

Adams County, Mississippi is a beautiful place to visit, boasting lush forests, rivers and gently rolling hills. It is an ideal destination for those looking to experience the great outdoors and the rich history of Mississippi.

The Natchez Trace Parkway is one of Adams County’s most popular attractions. This 444-mile scenic byway travels through three states and features a variety of natural attractions from wildlife to waterfalls. Along the drive you can learn about the area’s history with stops at historic sites like Emerald Mound and Sunken Trace Overlook.

For outdoor adventurers, there are plenty of opportunities for camping, fishing, hiking and canoeing in Adams County. The Homochitto National Forest is a popular spot for camping with its miles of trails that lead to breathtaking views. Anglers can find bass, catfish, crappie and more in nearby lakes and rivers while hikers can explore the scenic trails throughout the forest.

History buffs will appreciate visiting some of Adams County’s historical sites like Stanton Hall Plantation which was built in 1857 by a wealthy planter family or Fort Rosalie which was built by French colonists in 1716 as protection against Native American attacks. There are also several museums like the Grand Village of Natchez Indians Museum which showcases artifacts from this ancient Native American culture or the Rosalie Mansion Museum which was once home to a wealthy merchant family during pre-Civil War times.

Those looking for some entertainment can head over to downtown Natchez where you can find live music venues, restaurants serving up Southern favorites and unique shops selling local wares. The Grand Village Shopping Center also offers a great selection of shops ranging from clothing boutiques to antique stores as well as dining options catering to all tastes buds.

No matter what you’re looking for—outdoor adventure or historical exploration—you can find it all in Adams County, Mississippi!

Communities in Adams County, Mississippi

Adams County, Mississippi is home to a diverse range of communities. From small towns to larger cities, there is something for everyone. Located along the Natchez Trace Parkway, the county offers a beautiful backdrop of lush forests, rivers and rolling hills.

Natchez is the largest city in Adams County and its downtown area boasts a vibrant culture with plenty of restaurants, live music venues and shops. Nearby you can find historic sites like Emerald Mound and Sunken Trace Overlook that tell stories of days gone by. The Grand Village Shopping Center also offers an array of boutiques and eateries.

Farther north is Washington where you’ll find a charming historic district with buildings dating back to the 1800s as well as unique shops and eateries. Here you can also experience some of the area’s best outdoor activities like fishing on nearby lakes or hiking through Homochitto National Forest.

Just south of Natchez is Vidalia which offers its own unique attractions including a variety of festivals throughout the year such as Vidalia Onion Festival, Catfish Festival and Crawfish Festival which all celebrate local culture and cuisine. Here you can also explore Fort Rosalie Park or visit Stanton Hall Plantation which was built in 1857 by a wealthy planter family.

For those looking for small town charm then head over to Kingston where you’ll find plenty of quaint shops, eateries serving up Southern favorites as well as several museums showcasing artifacts from this ancient Native American culture or pre-Civil War times.

No matter what kind of experience you’re looking for—outdoor adventure or historical exploration—you can find it all in Adams County, Mississippi!

Notable People of Adams County, Mississippi

Adams County, Mississippi has been home to many notable people throughout its history. From musicians and athletes to politicians and entrepreneurs, the county has seen its fair share of famous figures.

One of the most famous people in Adams County is Oprah Winfrey who was born in Kosciusko in 1954. She grew up in the area before moving to Milwaukee at age six and eventually becoming one of the most powerful women in media.

Another well-known person from Adams County is writer William Faulkner who was born in New Albany in 1897. He wrote several novels including The Sound and the Fury and As I Lay Dying which earned him a Nobel Prize for Literature.

The county also boasts a number of talented musicians including blues singer Muddy Waters who was born just outside Rolling Fork, as well as country singer Marty Stuart who was born in Philadelphia.

For sports fans there are two NFL players from Adams County—quarterback Brett Favre who was born in Gulfport and defensive tackle Fletcher Cox who hails from Yazoo City. Both players have had successful careers with Favre playing for the Green Bay Packers for 16 years and Cox currently playing for the Philadelphia Eagles.

On the political side, Mississippi Governor Haley Barbour is from Yazoo City while Congressman Bennie Thompson hails from Bolton. Both men have been influential figures both locally and nationally throughout their careers.

Finally, entrepreneur John Grisham is from Jonesboro where he wrote his first novel A Time to Kill which became an instant bestseller when it was published in 1989. He has since written dozens of other books that have sold millions around the world making him one of the most successful authors ever!

Bordering States of Mississippi

According to abbreviationfinder, Mississippi is bordered by four states: Alabama, Tennessee, Arkansas, and Louisiana. The border between Mississippi and Alabama measures approximately 315 miles in total length as it stretches from Mississippi’s northeastern corner near Iuka to its southwestern tip near Pascagoula. Additionally, Mississippi shares a lengthy border with Tennessee that measures about 440 miles in total length. It extends from the northwesternmost point near Fulton to its southeasternmost point near Corinth.

To the west, Mississippi has a relatively short border with Arkansas that measures only 220 miles in length as it runs along Arkansas’s northern edge from West Helena up to its northwesternmost point near Tiptonville. Additionally, Mississippi also has an extensive coastline along the Gulf of Mexico that is about 350 miles long as it follows the shoreline from Bay St. Louis up to Pascagoula just east of Mobile Bay. Finally, Mississippi also has a small border with Louisiana that measure only 118 miles in total length as it extends from Tunica up to Natchez on the Pearl River.

Adams County, Mississippi