Amena Cut Its Rate Higher to 24.95 USD Per Month Down 2 to 1.5 GB, But with Controversy

Pleasant already had so far with one of the best rates with unlimited national calls and the Internet with 2 GB by 30.25 euros per month, but last week the second brand of Orange decided to open a vote, for customers and non-customers, who would decide which would be the future of that rate.

The options passed to keep the 2 GB by lowering the price to 27.95 euros per month or Download the bonus data 1.5 GB in Exchange for lower to 24.95 euros per month the fee. And after the Amena vote has today made official the result, winning the option which most reduces the price back down to 1.5 GB, a decision that is not without controversy.

Amena decided last week that it was time to lower the price of your fare with unlimited calls and two gigabytes and so decided to give the word to its customers, and those who are not. Raised options meant to lower prices between three and six euros but higher savings option was supposed to lose the Middle giga, Amena ensuring that their customers do not usually exceed the monthly giga.

And after a stop justified from the company by fraudulent votes reflex voting a result of 1631 votes to lower the rate to 27.95 euros without touching the bonus data and 2200 in favor of lower data bonus 1.5 gigabytes in Exchange for lowering the fee to 24.95 euros, so it Amena has modified the rate response to the result the voting.

After this change the current offer of rates of Amena is in the following way:

Served controversy

Now, the result of the vote has raised a strong buzz among the clients of Amena. In several threads of their newly released community many are complaining that the company forces them to lose that average giga, the modification applies to all customers, since they if they make use of those data that now will not have.

These customers they are asking to keep them current conditions, two gigs by 30.25 euros, or well that if it imposed upon them by modification of the rate that have the possibility of hiring half extra gig of data to maximum speed by five euros per month. Now the controversy is served if the operator does not attend to these requests.