Android Application with the Holidays of 2012

The year 2012 is a full of holidays and the very best for those who like a long weekend to travel

Know in that day will fall each holiday can be very easy when you are on the internet, by going to the calendar holidays 2012. However not always that we need this information, we are in front of a computer with the internet.

There is an Android app called “Calendar of Holidays for 2012” which gives you this information easily and quickly whenever you need it. The app is simple but delivers what it promises: it lists all national holidays for the year 2012 of fast and direct way. Unfortunately he gets and the municipal holidays but this would be a good update for the next version… let’s say the 2013 calendar.

See the screen below with the list of some of the holidays of the year:

Like? Visit the app page in the Android Market and download to your mobile phone!

Another way of knowing the dates of holidays for 2012 is to create a calendar within the Google Calendar application and put the holidays there around the beginning of the year, with the repetition of the annual of those who are always on the same day. So you just view this calendar on the home screen of your phone along with all the others to know the events and also the holidays coming.

After testing, please comment here on the site and tell what you think!