App to find out What the Mobile Operator of Your Contacts!

In Brazil the amount paid for the phone calls is very variable and for this reason it is essential to know the mobile operator of the numbers to which we are connecting. The landlines are falling into disuse and the plans for connections from mobile phones often allow you to connect for free to fixed lines and numbers of the same operator.

In the past it was possible to find out the operator of each number based on the prefix of the phone, but with the portability of the telephone number itself does not give any hint as to which carrier it belongs to.

A great application that I found this week in the Android Market is the “Which Carrier”. Basically it will detect the service provider of each number in the telephone directory stored in your phonebook and put a label so you always know that you are going to connect. Simply fantastic and easy to use. You do the procedure once and have the operators listed for use forever. Each contact before it showed the number as “home” or “Mobile phone”, now pass on the show as “Residential (Embratel)” or “Mobile (Oi)”, for example.

I recommend the use of the application that is lightweight and possibly will work on all Android devices, since it does not require many permissions. It worked without any problem on Motorola Milestone with Cyanogenmod 7 and now I am the carrier I know the operator of all of my contacts.

From time to time I need to run the query again and this is a suggestion for program improvement “Which Carrier” that could automatically update the new numbers and run an update on the agenda every once in a while.

It is an excellent program for Android, free and that deserves a donation to the developer. Download the app Which Carrier and then after a donation! After all, how much will you save now with his calls to discover the service provider of each number?