Argentina – Round Trip Through The Vineyards


As one of countries starting with letter A according to Countryaah, Argentina is the fifth largest wine nation in the world. Explore the highest vineyards on this tour and try the famous Malbec, Torrontes and Bonarda wines during a wine tasting. This wine tour takes you to the Cafayate and Mendoza wine regions. In addition to visits to wineries and tastings, you can also explore cities like Buenos Aires and Salta. You will learn more about the Argentine culture and way of life.

This is an example of one of our tours and should serve as a source of inspiration. Of course, the itinerary including the destinations can be adjusted and we would be happy to work out a tour tailored to your interests and budget.


Best travel time: October to April

Travel time: 10 days

Travel planning: Combine this trip with Brazil or Patagonia.

Tip: The Mendoza vineyards can also be easily explored by bus from Santiago de Chile.

Day 1: International flight & arrival in Buenos Aires
Arrival at the airport of Buenos Aires. You will be picked up and taken to your hotel. In the evening you start your wine tour with a typical dinner and a tasting of the famous Argentine wines – Torrontes, Bonarda and Malbec.

Day 2: Buenos Aires
Discover the beautiful capital of Argentina with its various quarters during a tour.

Day 3: Buenos Aires – Salta
After breakfast you will be driven to the airport where you will take a domestic flight to Salta. Once there, the day is at your disposal. Visit, for example, the MAAM Museum – the archaeological museum of the Andes – which exhibits, among other things, three Inca child mummies.

Day 4: Salta – Cachi – Cafayate
Today your journey through the Calchaqui Valleys begins. You start in the city of Salta in the south, on Route 68, which leads past various cities in the Lerma Valley. Arrival in Cachi at lunchtime. The journey continues via Route 40, where you can admire mountainous landscapes and charming towns. On the banks of the CalchaquĂ­ River, you can visit historic cities such as Seclantas, Molinos, Angastaco, San Carlos and Animana. At the end of the afternoon you will arrive in Cafayate, internationally known for its Torrontes wine.

Day 5: Cafayate
Today you will spend in Cafayate. You will visit two wineries and the Vid Museum. After the tour, you will have free time to visit the flea market and learn about the city.

Day 6: Cafayate – Salta
In the afternoon you travel back to Salta through the mussel gorge and visit the peculiar rock formations caused by rain and wind, such as the amphitheater or the devil’s throat. Then cross the Lerma Valley before you reach Salta.


Day 7: Salta – Mendoza
After breakfast, take a domestic flight to Mendoza. Mendoza is one of the world’s wine capitals. For travelers visiting this province, learning about the production process and how the award-winning wines are made is a must. Knowing the irrigation system and touring the vineyards are fundamental to understanding the basics of Mendoza viticulture and the quality of wines with their own style.

In Mendoza you still have enough time to explore the city on your own. There are many parks and beautiful places.

Day 8: Mendoza
Today you travel to the east of the city. The MaipĂș area takes you back in time. You will experience the origin of wine in Argentina. In three wineries that opened the way for viticulture, they still maintain the same family tradition today. They tell the story of winemaking in Mendoza. You will visit some of the most important and outstanding wineries in this region.

Day 9: Mendoza – Buenos Aires
After breakfast you fly back to Buenos Aires. Here you have the day at your disposal.

Day 10: Buenos Aires / journey home
Even the best vacation comes to an end. Today it is time to say goodbye to Argentina. Transfer to the airport and return home. Alternatively, you can continue your trip in Patagonia or Brazil.