Avoid Bad TV Picture Due to 4 g LTE

The channels can be sensitive to 4 g LTE mobile networks. We’ve gathered a few advice for how you minimize the poor image quality.

In line with the spread of 4 g LTE masts in Denmark increases the risk that television signals in the home to be disturbed by mobile masts. The reason is to be found in that part 4 g LTE cell towers, using 800 MHz for transmission, which is also used for the distribution of some tv-channels.

Cell signals radiate into the antenna cable and television, which can mean bad images or maybe completely lacked channels.

Business Agency writes in a guide that consumers’ installation in the home is often the weak link; poor collections and outdated cables can be some of the problems.

New cables and perhaps new TV

Received the signal via an antenna, it’s important to point to the best television broadcasting mast, in order to ensure the strongest signal.

Consumers are encouraged to have HF-close cables, connectors, splitters and amplifiers, since just a single bad component can destroy the signals to multiple appliances in the household.

In the past, has been out with a Triax Guide to antenna associations, but still a task incumbent upon the home of television customers, who must fend for themselves.

It means that consumers should look for special LTE-only antenna cables, which, among other things, Sandberg is out with. But even if all household antenna cables are changed, there may still be challenges, as up to 10 percent of all television receivers do not have LTE-security. Here there is the most obvious solution, a replacement of the appliance.