Beaches and Islands of Singapore

Beaches and Islands of Singapore

A few years ago, a beach holiday in Singapore was not particularly popular: tourists were alarmed by the proximity of the port, but the use of innovative cleaning systems and infrastructure development radically changed the situation. Now there are many beaches, all of them with free entry, clean, equipped with toilets, changing cabins, showers and even lockers with a combination lock.

According to populationmonster, the best beaches of the main island are concentrated on the east coast.

  • East Coast Park, one of the most popular urban recreation areas in Singapore, offers a variety of entertainment, including sports and gastronomy, is famous for its well-groomed, clear sea and gently sloping sandy bottom.
  • Changi Beach Park, one of the oldest coastal parks in Singapore with a length of about 3.3 km, still retains the atmosphere of a kampong fishing village: white sand, coconut palms, barbecue areas, benches and awnings – this is a great place for family holidays, swimming and picnics.

The most famous Singaporean beaches are located on Sentosa: the sea is clear there, the scenery is amazing, and almost every beach has its own “specialization”:

  • Siloso Beachis popular with outdoor enthusiasts: there is bungee bungee, you can learn to surf on an artificial wave, go kayaking, go cycling and rollerblading, and the evening here is one big party.
  • Families, couples and groups of friends adore Tanjong Beach: at night the atmosphere is very romantic, and during the day you can go SUP at the Stand Up Paddling School.
  • Palawan Beachis a quiet beach for families: many cafes, shops and a wonderful observation deck.

The Singapore Islands attract lovers of unusual stories, routes, rare animals and beautiful views:

  • John’shas good diving, and it is also worth a visit for cat lovers: the island is famous for the huge number of very cute felines that live on its territory.
  • Pulau-Ubinseemed to be frozen in the past. Gravel roads, dense forests and a rich wildlife are reminiscent of what Singapore was like in the 60s of the last century. The island is home to one of Singapore’s last kampongs and has an atmosphere of rustic silence and coziness.
  • On Lazarus,tourists are waiting for snow-white beaches, crystal clear water, perfect silence and the absence of people. There is not a single store on the island, and many especially appreciate it for this.
  • Coney Islandis connected to the main island by two bridges on the west and east sides. There is a beach and a bike path, the lanterns are powered by solar panels, and the hands are washed with rainwater. The island’s park is home to endangered species of animals and plants.
  • Kusuis a pleasant island with picturesque lagoons hidden from prying eyes. Instead of the benefits of civilization, there is absolute harmony with nature: this is the habitat of turtles, there are almost no people, noisy bars and cafes, peace and quiet. Food and drinks are simply brought here with you.
  • The Island of the Sistersis actually two islands separated by a narrow channel and named after the legend of the sisters who drowned in the sea. It is now a popular picnic and camping spot with the eponymous marine park next door.

Vacation in Singapore

For the first time, the city is often visited as part of a transit, limited to visiting the Gardens by the Bay park with its gigantic supertrees and, without fail, “checking in” at the Merlion statue. Those who decide to devote more time to Singapore will find a lot of discoveries and the highest concentration of impressions: unique attractions and colorful festivals, delicious food and rich traditions, the best clubs and bars in the world, the cleanest beaches, walks through historical places and shady exhibition grounds.

It is home to Universal Studios Singapore, Southeast Asia’s first Hollywood theme park, Adventure Cove Water Park, SEA Aquarium, one of the world’s largest oceanariums, Mega Adventure Park, many hotels and Resorts World Sentosa.

After spending a few days in Singapore, you can go further – get acquainted with the beauties of Thailand, Vietnam, Bali and Kuala Lumpur. Or go, for example, to Macau, Cambodia or even Australia with New Zealand, because the world’s largest cruise brands use Singapore as their home port. Cruise ships depart from Singapore’s two state-of-the-art terminals and arrive here all year round. Passenger ferries also run from the city to the Indonesian island of Bintan (about an hour on the way), to the picturesque Batam (45 minutes) and to the resort of Desaru on the Malay Peninsula(half an hour).

Beaches and Islands of Singapore