For those who don’t know it – Spain is not very this service, for the reason that is-, Snapchat is an application that allows us to communicate based on images. With the peculiarity that are automatically deleted after a time that you set when you send the image, and you can go from one to ten seconds.

In these images we can overwrite, well text either Gesturally, but not had a chat as such. Now comes what may be their biggest update to date, adding Instant Messaging relatively conventional application, video included.

I say relatively because while you can grab information via screen captures, the chat will be deleted automatically once read and let’s chat. Just slide right over the name of a contact to start chat.

Easy: hold, transmit Videopero once inside Chat, we can start a sort of video call that implements Snapchat: by pressing and holding the finger will make a video call, which is on the other side will not have to accept, but that won’t necessarily be present. It can be understood more as a streaming video from the live chat. If we want to transmit video we can click on the button, sliding up or down to send from the rear or front camera.

This brings video calls to a new level of spontaneity. The here and now to take strength in this version of Snapchat, It’s coming along today both to Android as iOS devices.