Before the trip to Aruba

Before the trip to Aruba

Passport and Visa
Nordic citizens do not need a visa to travel to Aruba if you stay shorter than 30 days. Check that your passport is valid until the day after the return journey. The passport must not be cracked or broken.

Before the trip to Aruba 2

Vaccinations and health
Make sure you have a good comprehensive travel insurance that applies to care abroad. See what your home insurance covers. Additional travel insurance can be ordered through Phoenix. Remember to bring documentation of current travel / health insurance. If you have medicines with you, they should be stored in their packaging where it is clear what the medicine is. For prescription medicines, you should also have a certificate from your doctor in English and pack it together with the medicines in your hand luggage.

Weather and clothes
Excellent all year round with daytime temperatures around 28-31 degrees. Aruba is outside the hurricane belt.

Aruba: Aruban Florins or USD.

Transport and communications
Taxis or local buses are available on all islands, taxis usually have fixed prices, not taximeters.

Crime is very low in Aruba, ordinary caution should be used.

Food & beverage The
water can be drunk from the tap on both Aruba.
In Aruba, the food is influenced by American, South American and European.
Seafood and fish are popular, but the majority of the seafood eaten on the island comes mainly from
Venezuela. Large prawns are quite cheap, lobster is expensive.
Conch snail is often included as an ingredient in various stews.
Goat meat with rice is something that many Aruban people love, often as stew.
Pastechi, a pie filled with cheese or meat.
Cool island soup, lime juice, apricot nectar, pineapple, melon and papaya are usually included in this local specialty, a cold dessert soup.

Shopping Shopping
centers and souvenir stalls are located near the harbor. Here you can also buy designer clothes that are slightly cheaper than at home. Aruba is known for its aloe vera. At Aloe Vera Factory, various skin and hair care products are made by hand. Here you can buy sunscreen, aftersun and sun lotion, at very good prices.

General and mixed
Time difference: Winter, Swedish time minus 5 hours, summer, Swedish time minus 6 hours.
Tips: Giving tips is expected by most people who work with service, about 10-15% if it is not included.
Languages: English, Dutch, Spanish and Papiamento.
EL: 110-230V. Different contacts. Adapter needed.

Before the trip to Aruba