If there is something new that the world of Android expected Whatsapp application is without doubt, the possibility of calls from the application. Is planned to implement it in the middle of this year by what the tracks begin to arrive as we can see in the latest beta available for download from the official website of Whatsapp.

At the beginning of last month came to light some images about the design of the application including this feature as we teach in this article. Now everyone can experience this function at the moment unfortunately is not active.

We must go to a group of conversation that we have in our device to make a voice call. Once in the conversation click on the name of the contact you want to call and appear us two options “Send message to contact” and “Call contact”, so we will have to select the latter and observe Whatsapp call screen. Another novelty is the introduction of an icon that everything suggests that it will have to inform the receiver contact that you have a missed call.

If they introduce it soon it would be a blow on the top of the table by Whatsapp to match competitors such as Skype and line-up, putting themselves above Telegram in this aspect. At the moment only It’s a beta and there is no news or dates specified for the implementation of this utility in the official version, so we will be attentive to possible leaks that appear.