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The G20 is an informal association of finance ministers and central bank governors from the world’s largest economies and consists of 19 countries as well […]

Oman Geography

Oman Geography

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Landscape As the only country starting with O listed on Countryaah, Oman borders the Indian Ocean (Arabian Sea and Gulf of Oman). Oman stretches from […]

Desert Safari in Abu Dhabi, UAE

Attractions in Abu Dhabi

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Experience the magic of a thousand and one nights in Abu Dhabi, combined with ultra-modern architecture. A glittering skyline, white sandy beaches and spectacular amusement […]

Attractions in Vietnam

Attractions in Vietnam

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As a country starting with V according to Countryaah, Vietnam is a fantastic destination with countless fascinating attractions. For example, you can explore the ancient Hindu […]


Southeast Asia Tourism

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Singapore According to Countryaah, there are 11 countries in Southeastern Asia. Singapore is one of them. The area of ​​the city-state of Singapore comprises one […]