Skien - Birthplace of Henrik Ibsen

Norway Attractions

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Trondelag The Trondheim Fjord winds its way through the west coast’s cliffs and islands through the agricultural land, vast moors and fish-rich lakes of the […]

Geography of Bulgaria

Geography of Bulgaria

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General information about Bulgaria The official name is the Republic of Bulgaria (Republic of Bulgaria, Republic of Bulgaria). Located in Southeast Europe. The area is […]

Val di Fiemme, Italy

Val di Fiemme, Italy

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Val di Fiemme is a spacious picturesque valley spread out on a sunny plateau, between majestic mountain ranges and the swift river Avisio. Val di […]

Peter and Paul Church Vilnius

Sightseeing in Lithuania

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Lithuania is extensively covered by forests and is therefore ideal for long hiking tours. The Baltic coast awaits holidaymakers with many spa and bathing resorts. […]

Poland Economy

Poland Geography and Economy

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Geography Geographic characteristics Poland is a predominantly lowland country located, for the most part, on the northern European plain. The country’s average elevation is only […]



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The G20 is an informal association of finance ministers and central bank governors from the world’s largest economies and consists of 19 countries as well […]

France Politics

France Politics

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The legislature lies with the bicameral parliament, consisting of the National Assembly and the Senate. The National Assembly (Assemblée Nationale) has 577 members (555 of […]

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France Location

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As one of countries starting with F according to Countryaah, France stretches from the Atlantic Ocean in the north-west (English Channel) and west to the […]

Denmark Music

Denmark Music

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Danish music, term for the music in the area of ​​what is now Denmark, a country starting with D according to Countryaah. The excavated on […]