China Manufacturers by Sony Sensors Fight: No Cameras for All

At this point there is no doubt that Sony It is the manufacturer preferred by other companies when they have to mount a camera on their phones. Without going any further, 40% of smartphones on the market devices mounted the Japanese technology. Its popularity is good news for them since they are seeing how the business of this division is on a roll. However, it also has its negative side.

A couple of reports from China warn that local manufacturers are suffering shortages of Sony sensors. There for all and, as they say, this stock break could be related with the launch of Apple’s next phone and with an alleged exclusive contract to secure part of the production and its new smartphone to come with the most desired camera manufacturers have made clear with your choice of the moment.

Ability to cover 50% of the demand

According to a Chinese analyst, Sony today was capable of ensure your production with 50% of the demand in China. However, as a result of this agreement, the situation could have changed and affect companies like Huawei, Oppo, ZTE and Coolpad. In fact, with this change only Sony sensors would cover half of phones that Huawei aims to put on the market with Exmor technology.

Although the news can be read as something positive for Sony, the end-user has a few negative nuances. On the one hand we have the fact that demand is not fulfilled and final terminals that reach us are not at the height and in the end those who have cameras Japanese have a competitive advantage. To make a good photo has become something fundamental to today.

On the other hand we have a monopoly in the world of photography. It is true that there are other manufacturers there out: OmniVision and Toshiba are great, but neither of them have proven to be able to do it better than Sony. Samsung has its own technology, but for now it seems to be at home, the same LG with its promising camera in the G4, very good in appearance but with little chance of that, for the moment, let’s see it in other terminals.

Like Sony and all suffer from their scarcity. Yesterday we saw how multiple users with Samsung Galaxy S6 discovered that the Chamber of their phones were signed by Koreans, while similar results. If everything is confirmed, difficult will it have the Japanese to not be able to satisfy everyone, but everything is said, should also be an opportunity for competition improve your product and offer best cameras.