Company Responsible for Farmville Could be Worth US $ 5 Billion

If it were put up for sale today, Zynga, founded in 2007 and best known for the game Farmville, fever among users of Facebook, could have value market equivalent to R $ 8.8 billion. At least that’s what it says expert Lou Kerner market in an article posted on the website Business Insider: “While the company trades its shares on the stock market in small quantities, their roles are valued at about $ 9, which would make its market value reached US $ 2.8 billion. But I believe that Zynga would open more it would soon be valued up to US $ 5 billion, “he wrote.

To those who fear a new bubble burst similar to what occurred in the Nasdaq last 11 years, Kerner defends its projection saying that “there is a digital media revolution happening right now and it is greater than people can imagine. We are no longer in 1999 “. As might be expected, one of the factors for such valuation is exactly the popularity of their titles.

Currently the company’s social little games have 237 million registered users and reach 120 million users every month, that on average the access twice a day. This makes Zynga the largest developer of games world, 4.5 times more popular than Electronic Arts, which late last year paid $ 400 million for Play fish also Speciallized in games social for Facebook.

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Only the sale of virtual goods, such as updates for your games, Zynga should profit from $ 525 million this year, compared with $ 300 million in 2009 and by 2015 their revenues should reach US $ 1.6 billion per year.

Are we seeing sunrise over a giant?