Do Not Buy Mobile Phones in Brazil!

You’re eyeing that phone on sale in the shop of the mall near your home. Even with the higher price than the same model out there and having the opportunity to go overseas or ask someone to bring the device, you are seduced by the installment and the guarantee of the product in Brazil. It is a decision almost certain. Until you stumbled with this article, and read our title.

Why Not Buy Mobile Phones in Brazil?

You see, I’m being an extremist, so with the carriers and manufacturers have been with us. Extortionate prices, coverage, shameful, technical support and customer service that no one can use right. Good thinking, I do not think that I am being extremist: I’m being wise. I’ll explain my wisdom, starting with a personal experience.

The Headaches From My Galaxy Note II

I am a user of Palms, and smartphones since 2004. My Palm Zire 72 I bought in Brazil, Already my smartphones have all been purchased directly from the exterior, since it worked with the import and resale of products.

Want to exchange my handset that was already old and did not meet most my needs. I really liked the Galaxy Note I, but still found it very poor compared with other models and none of them had everything I needed, until the arrival of the Galaxy Note II. I Waited for a while until you have a good promotion on the internet and bought my first cell phone in Brazil. One-year warranty, the whole story, divided in many times. I discovered in the short time that it would be better to have waited, or purchased a model from the outside, without the seal of the fcc.

In 6 months, my phone gave a problem. Not care more. I did a search and saw that it was a problem of the first generation of motherboards on the device, which had a defect in the engineering of the RAM, as it was the first generation of the Galaxy SIII. I want to be clear that when I bought my Galaxy Note II it had already been released a few months ago and out there, according to reports in forums dedicated to the instrument, the chips had already been exchanged. Mine, apparently, was of the first generation, faulty.

I got in touch with Samsung Online that took more than two days to respond to my requests. In the attendance of the chat, even though they have been well attended, the attendant did not know me steer very well, especially when I have shown to know the source of the problem. I took my unit to the warranty.

There, reinstalaram the operating system. See as well: I am not a user at the median. I am a consultant in technology with more than 10 years of experience with technological products and assure you that if the problem of the device were a simple exchange of the operating system I would have solved this in my house. I explained the problem to the motherboard when I left the unit there. Only updated the operating system.

At the time I got home, my chip no longer worked any more. I replaced the chip, it didn’t work. I went to leave my instrument again in warranty. I explained again the problem of the motherboard from the factory, something common in devices of the “first generation”. The companies out there know this, and prepare to replace the devices when these problems occur. They also fix the defects to not occur again.

After almost a month, I get my cell phone back. First they tried to change the card’s chip. After, they gave me a “new phone” but without moving to the outer part of it. One of the most expensive they exchanged: the motherboard. I believe that it is already a motherboard of the new generation, because I had no problems. Had the job of swapping my mother board, that is much more work than simply give me a mobile phone new. And I believe also to be cheaper.

In all my years of sales of products, smartphones and the use of them, this was the FIRST smartphone that I bought, either to me or to any client, that gave the problem. Minto, the second. The first was ALSO purchased in Brazil for a client, but perhaps might have been a problem of use of the instrument, and give a discount for the manufacturers and operators. The first that gave the problem. The first that I paid more expensive. For never more.

The Disadvantages of Buying a Mobile Phone in Brazil

I am generally an “early adopter” of technologies. This means that you do not mind paying a little more expensive to experience new technologies sooner than other people. With time, I have gained the experience to understand how to work the sales of these products. And working as an importer, also understood what was going on with the products that arrived in Brazil.

We are not a country of “early adopter”. Our culture is to pay expensive not for quality but for status. What is the problem with having an iPhone 5 second-hand north american if I paid R$2.400 for it? Even knowing that we have sites and trusted sellers, such as those present in the comparador de preços Buscapé, and scattered by the Ebay, people choose to pay more for the status in the physical stores, even though parcelem in 30 times.

This leads companies to understand that our audience is “less demanding” than out there. After all, a complaint on Twitter in the us about a product will generate a backlash far worse than you complaining about your device here. I assure you, and sign underneath. I’ve seen friends doing it and working. And they neither were famous. Such a minor requirement and leniency of the authorities (see “efficiency” of the PROCON and ANATEL), it takes the operators and manufacturers to be less demanding with the products here.

Do you think the cards are defective from the first generation of the Galaxy Note 2 were simply thrown away? Or do you think that it is more wise to send to a country where the defect may or may not happen and if it does occur, will have less impact. Think.

I need to talk prices? I think I need only mention that the iPhone 5 64 GB purchased abroad, at the time of its release, it would come out cheaper than in Brazil, included the price of the roundtrip tickets, the purchase of the unlocked iPhone 5 in New York city and 2 days of stays there. Logical, you will not be able to pay. But it will be not worth if you prepare a bit and save up for your next cell phone?

Join all this with the guarantee of Brazil, is practically non-existent. In the us, like the video that we have put in this article shows, you just simply get a new device. Where do you think will the used with defect? Do the math. Think about what they do with the pieces.

I wanted to say about the “tests” of the fcc. He wanted to escape the cliché of the corruption and incompetence of the government. But I’m not how to flee. The directors of Anatel and its president know both new technologies and smart phones as I know about the last rulers of Sri-Lanka. They are indicated, with little or almost no technical knowledge of the subject.

I know I can sound a bit extreme or even conspiracy. But my experience tells me more than a simple theory or a simple “coincidence”. My Galaxy Note 2 was the first and last phone that I buy in Brazil. I have friends in the USA to report a case over the warranty, if you need to my next device. I refuse to feed an industry that’s rotten that explores the brazilian, who still crawled on the knowledge about technology.

If you have any questions, issues or want tips on shopping, leave in the comments below your questions. I will be happy to help dismantle this whole scheme of exploitation to us, brazilians.