Eroski Mobile Launched Two New “Flat Rate” for Voice and SMS

Now that traditional operators have opted to stop calling flat rate bonds from consumption, the MVNO looks that they will finally decide to launch this kind of rates that tend to have very good reception for helping to predict the monthly expense and lack of establishment of llaamada although low-cost operators continue preferring the term flat rate to refer to them.

Eroski mobile It will launch in the next two days new options as saving module that will be added to the benefits of the contract conekt @ that includes voice and data or only voice tariffs in force, according to prefer each user to apply other rates if you exceed the limit.

These new options have a monthly fee of 19.90 euro and they include 250 minutes or 300 SMS any time and national destiny. Rate of voice interesting if compared with the rest of offers on the market although the messages is unattractive if we take into account that Blau offers 100 free SMS in Exchange for a minimum consumption 6 euros or Vodafone offering 350 SMS in Exchange for a minimum consumption of 9 euros.