Eroski Mobile Launches New Rates Combined

Eroski mobile seems to follow without making too much noise, but always offering interesting rates as shown that is released tomorrow, April 1 and which as its name already indicates, They combine calls, mesnajes and internet on your mobile.

It is two bonds of consumption for those who do not pay call set-up and that, if overcome, apply any of the rest of rates with or without available on contract call set-up. Options for current, both new customers are:

  • Rate CombinaVoz: for a fee of 25 euros/month they may speak 300 minutes with any destination anytime and send 100 SMS.
  • Rate CombinaNet: for those who want to speak and surf on your mobile, a fee of 30 euros/month they may speak 350 minutes with any destination at any time, send 100 SMS and navigate 500 MB (tarificadso per unit of kb). Only in case of overachievement of the included traffic, charged in blocks of 256 kb with a price of 3 cents/MB.

We update to incorporate these new rates to our comparative.