EU: Lower Roaming Rates from 1. July

Now it costs a little less to use your mobile phone abroad-as long as you are within the EUROPEAN UNION.

At a time when the Euro zone is beset by debt crisis, and where the EU fundamental values put on a decent try, so get that lucky also positive news from Brussels, one is tempted to say.

Roaming prices applicable for back here the 1. June 2013 as a result of a decision of the European Parliament, which requires telecommunications companies to lower prices for calls, data and sms within the EUROPEAN UNION.

The new rates, which are applicable by romaing within the EU on 1 January 2007. July 2013, are as follows:

Data-per-MB: 3.35 crowns
Phone calls-per minute: 1.78 crowns
Receive calls-per-minute 0.52 crowns
Sms sender per sms: 0.59 Krone

Please note that prices are excl. VAT.