Facebook Creative Labs It has launched in United States for devices with Android and iOS its new application Slingshot, his rival Snapchat particular presenting a fun and new way of share photos and ephemeral videos with our friends.

With Slingshot We will send self-destructing videos and photos to our friends but that these will appear pixelated them and blocked until before send us another photo or video, that turn when we receive them also will appear us pixelated and locked until we send another capture IE to view a picture or video of a friend we will need to send us another photo or video before.

To see the photo or video shared by a friend we can answer you with another photo or video along with a text as a reaction and that the sender does not have to unlock to see such a reaction. Once seen photos and videos “self-destruct”, I put it in quotes because we can always make a screenshot.

When taking a photo with Slingshot We can do it with the back both the front camera and us they draw on the image to add scribbles.

It is unknown when it will be available worldwide application, it seems that depend on the success that has over the coming months in the United States.