Forillon National Park

The beautiful and naturally preserved Gaspésie Peninsula is home to the Forillon National Park. The area belongs to the province of Québec, which is located north of the Appalachian Mountains. The Canadian park has a total area of ​​244 square kilometers. Forillon Park was raised to the status of a national park in 1970, making it the first national park in this province.

In terms of landscape, the park has a lot to offer. The variety and mixture of forests, maritime coastal areas, marshland, dunes and rocks make the entire area so unique.

The long mountain range, which the park borders, was formed around 375 million years ago. Due to the long development, the area is now home to a very complex ecosystem.
The rocky coasts, rivers, lakes and impressive waterfalls make for a varied landscape that you have to see once. The mixture with the area of ​​the Atlantic Ocean gives the park a maritime touch.

Incidentally, there are now three national parks in the province. But the Forillon National Park has some rules that sound bizarre to visitors at first glance. When visiting the park, for example, you are instructed to clap your hands loudly every now and then and to carry binoculars with you. There are several reasons for this. On the one hand, you warn the black bears by clapping, the binoculars are needed to better observe the whales swimming by below the trails.
With binoculars you can also observe the many sea ​​bird colonies without disturbing the animals. The lighthouses, which are located near the coast, are also worth a visit. A path above the rugged cliffs offers a beautiful hiking route. From here you have a breathtaking view of the characteristic landscape of the area.

Animals and plants in Forillon National Park

Moose, deer and many black bears live in the park. These are mostly in the forest regions. Whales and seals live in the coastal landscape and the sea, which can be observed from the plateau. The nice thing about the national park is that there are no hunters and poachers who chase the rare animals. Some species have been greatly reduced in the past by hunting.

Those who would like to experience exotic animals can also take part in one of the guided hikes. Here the visitors learn a lot about the animals, their habitats and their behavior. Almost by the way, you pass the most beautiful corners of the park and thus gain a great overall impression of the area.
It is also possible to experience a canoe trip here. But this park is particularly popular with animal lovers. Precisely because you have a great opportunity here to observe the endangered animal species in the wild.
If you are not sure which route you want to choose, whether you would rather join a hiking group or perhaps go on a discovery tour alone, you can get a first insight in the well-equipped information center and then calmly choose what is best for you suitable is. The park rangers are also happy to answer any questions you may have.

Forillon National Park