Go Travel Foreign-So Please Turn off Roaming off on Your Phone

Are you not aware that mobile Bill may get out of hand in the summer holidays, if you are going abroad.

Have you not a telecommunications company, which has the special mobile packets to when heading out of the country, for example, has just launched a 3, so can the trip out of Denmark be an expensive pleasure, if you are not aware of your mobile phone and the use of this.

It can be extremely expensive, if you are fired up under the data connection on your phone, even if the EU-the Commission has received limited roaming fees to a maximum to be 6.50 kroner per MB within the EU. The price has fallen by 35 percent per MB from the 1. July of this year.

And the Danes are happy to take advantage of the cheaper roaming fees, which means they use their smartphone more — even when they’re on vacation. This is shown by a new study conducted by YouGov has created for Telia. The study shows that data consumption in Europe has risen sharply since July 2010 and until may 2013.

According to the survey, every third person over 18 years of age a surprisingly high Mobile Bill after a vacation in the South.

The study by YouGov also shows that almost one in four (24 percent) owns the smartphone in high or very high degree surf news and reader emails, etc. on the cell phone when they are unable to travel.

-“Today we spend just as much your phone to read news, update social media and send mails, as we use it to ring with, and in our opinion, it should not be necessary to modify these mobile habits, simply because it crosses a border.

That’s why we created a simpler system for the purchase of data roaming, which gives users much greater control over consumption, “says Communications Director of Telia Mobility Services, Mette Honoré.

3 are ready with data packages for holidays, and by, among other things, Telia, you can surf up to 20 MB per day for 30 bucks in the Nordic and Baltic countries, while it costs 45 dollars in the whole of the European Union. If you are outside the EU, it is however significantly more expensive.

Therefore, it is also a good idea to be aware of this consumption, and which account you can encounter when you get home from the holidays. Therefore, you can turn off data roaming from, so you can continue to call and receive text, and therefore don’t accidentally use data.