Google Accuses China of Trying to Hack Gmail Accounts

Users of Gmail are not safe. The Google fired a warning on Thursday about Chinese hackers try to gain access to Gmail accounts. Instead of targeting the common internet users, cybercriminals tried to compromise Gmail US military, as well as “prominent people”, according to information from

The attack was driven from the city of Jinan, 400 kilometers from the capital Beijing. Its purpose would not only get access to Gmail accounts of military, American government officials, journalists, Chinese activists and Asian officials, but also forward messages from who knows where.

According to Google, the attack was successfully contained. No information on the Gmail accounts, much less the emails were sent. The search giant turned to the FBI in Washington, to investigate the attacks. And Google says that US government leaders were notified individually that their accounts email raided hacker (but still intact).

Although Google does not claim that the attack was coordinated by the Chinese government, the company did not fail to say that the targets would be interesting only to the Chinese dictatorship (especially activists).

China denies any involvement in this situation. The spokesman of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs said it is “unacceptable” to impute that kind of responsibility on the Chinese government, informs us

This week came under discussion in the United States a document, set to be published next month, which deals with foreign attitudes on the Internet that acts of war could be considered, including the possibility of US military retaliation.