Starts the deployment tiers all over the world of the new version of Google Play Services. Google Play services are updated to the version 4.4 to improve numerous APIs of Google enjoying many of Android applications.

Google Play Services 4.4 in the new Google Maps API allows developers to insert images of Street View with zoom controls, orientation and navigation in your own applications, which also may add animations in the Chamber. Also improved the interior Maps APIs so that developers have more control over the display of the floors of a building.

In the localization API they have improved the recognition of activity. Now in addition to recognize if the device is in a vehicle, bicycle, walk, still, or inclined you will now recognize if we are walking or running, something that will be very good for sports applications.

Other improvements in this release is in the Play Games API, which will now allow send gifts of games to more than one person at once to add more collaborative and social commitment. In the Mobile Ads API now developers can show in your applications promotional ads for domestic purchases. And finally, in the Instant Buy API API for developers it is now much easier to add the option of purchasing Google Wallet.