In may Google Play allowed developers to create subscriptions for your Android applications but today Google not allowed to create to prove these subscriptions before you pay. Now developers wishing to do so can add a free trial period on your subscriptions.

Developers may decide whether they offer trial subscriptions and how long will offer to test their subscriptions, the trial period will be a minimum of 7 days. You can also modify this perodio of time when want to but this change will not affect users who already enjoy this free subscription.

The user when you subscribe will be informed of the normal price of the subscription and the time trial that has. Once this trial period be receivables in card the following subscription periods, provided user beech not canceling before.

With this new development is expected to give a good push subscriptions because there are many users who do not subscribe to the extra content that offer many applications Android not knowing exactly the advantages offered.


X-ray : Wikis (The Full Wiki)

X-ray : Wikis (The Full Wiki)