Handy iPad Accessories from Exogear: iPad Mini Pouch and Tripod

When you buy iPad mini, you realize that if you want to enjoy your mini tablet, then you should get some iPad mini accessories. One such accessory consists definitively by a protective bag. An iPad case is a fine way to protect against damage to your tablet. But if you want to show videos or pictures on your iPad, you also need a tripod. This accessory allows you to easily adjust your tablet and the viewing angles. But you can find some accessories which combines all these features — both protect and tripod?

Exogear case iPad mini pouch

Exogear Exoshift protective case for iPad mini

Exogear Exoshift protective case for iPad mini

Exogear Exoshift iPad Mini pouch is a versatile and practical accessory. It is a pouch made of high quality leather, and very thin and lightweight. This piece of accessory for iPad can bend and turn into a stand where you can place your tablett and watch your favorite movies. You have two ways to position your iOS tablet on on http://www.bridgat.com/fashion/ipad-mini-accessories.html.

iPad mini accessories from Exogear

Exogear Exoshift case and tripod

22 ° – ideal for writing emails and work
45 ° – perfect for viewing pictures and videos

This pouch Pad mini is available in three colors: red, Brown and black.