Last night we saw as Google Hangouts He received one minor update to add blocking phone numbers and customizing ringtones for each contact, but we now know that these were not their only news.

This new version also brings a small change but at the same time is also important, since Hangouts does not link to Google + profiles When click on the image of the contact in a conversation. Now when you click on your photo opens its contact card to display the data we have saved on it in our device, as its numbers of telephone, mail and other services for us to communicate with him.

The single contact card will display the contacts that we have on the agenda. If we receive an SMS from an unknown contact by clicking on the empty image it will ask if you want to add it to the our agenda. Conversely, if we now click on a contact Google + that we don’t have on the agenda will show us your profile or ask us to add it to the agenda not knowing your data.

This movement would confirm that Google would be separating Hangouts for Android on your social network, a movement which is quite logical to make more functional app now integrates with SMS/MMS and is the default application of some devices. Now theirs would be photos could also be sent to users without profile Google +.