Happy Mobile and Lebara Bet by Calling International from 1 Cent/Minute

We already have a wide range of MVNOs in Spain by what these should go emerging to keep the attraction to the public that were initially directed. Happy Mobile and Lebara are two MVNO aimed at the immigrant market the main difference of the Orange coverage of the first front of the Vodafone coverage of the second making that they can offer more differentiated offerings even if they have the same target audience.

Happy Mobile offers rates from 1 cent/minute to call China, Romania, Poland, Chile, Venezuela, Dominican Republic, Norway and India. From 2 cents per minute to Bulgaria, Mexico or Russia and from 3 cents per minute to Pakistan. The promotion applies during the first 10 minutes of each call and is available both for new clients today that they will have to call the 2980 free to register.

Promotion of Lebara also bets by calls to 1 cent/minute to destinations such as China, Romania, Poland, Chile, Venezuela, Brazil, Morocco, Nigeria and Mexico. In this case applies to the first 15 minutes of each call and is limited to a maximum of 300 monthly minutes to landlines in China, Morocco, Nigeria and Romania; and 500 minutes per month for calls to landlines in Brazil, Chile, Mexico, Poland and Venezuela.