How to Clean the Screen of Mobile Phone or Tablet? Product and Film!

Cleaning the screen of a smartphone or tablet is simple. What you need to understand is not exactly what should be done during the cleaning, but that should not be done and that can damage your device, such as using chemicals in the cleaning of the screen. Let us understand and seek the best solutions, products, and cleaning the screens and the films of these devices.

Products for Cleaning Screen of Mobile: What Not to Wear?

Before you go and buy a kit miraculous cleaning the screens of mobile phones, it is necessary to say things that should not be made for those who want to clear the screen of a tablet or smartphone without damaging it.

Chemicals should not be used. The only supported combination is a combination of one part water to one part vinegar, and even so, this combination is questionable. There are solutions recommended by manufacturers of electronic devices that can be used with safety, but nothing replaces the good old filtered water (because filters out particles that might scratch the screen).

Do not use paper towels, cloths, abrasive, paper handkerchiefs, or any other type of cloth that is not the microfiber. This type of cloth has been created specifically for the delicate surfaces of screens.

At the time of using the water or the cleaning product, do not overdo it in quantity. The cloth must be slightly moistened, and the screen must be off during cleaning.

Not to be gross at the time of cleaning or you will scratch your device. If dirt is persistent, you prefer light passed repeatedly and gently. If the screen has a protective film, the method may be a little different.

How to Sanitize Mobile: Beginning with the Microfiber Cloth

The microfiber cloth is the same that comes with several glasses for cleaning. It is a cloth with a special fabric, produced so as to prevent damage to the screens of electronic devices. The fibers are very small that does not attract dust and oils. With this, do not rub these particles on your device, avoiding scratches.

Cleaning the Screen: Procedures

Now that you have the appropriate cloth to clean the screen, the process is very simple:

  1. Always switch the device off.
  2. Pass the dry cloth from left to right and then from bottom to top. Do not make circles with the cloth. Repeat the operation of horizontal and vertical moves, if the device is very dirty, but dirt more persistent are to the next step.
  3. Moisten part of the cloth with filtered water or a cleaning solution specific. Do the same cleaning process that was carried out with the dry cloth.
  4. Dry the screen with the part of the cloth that is dry.

To clean the microfiber cloth, soak the cloth in warm water and neutral soap, rinse well, and let dry. Do not use any chemicals to clean the cloth, also. These can damage the fabric.

And to Clear Film Dirty?

The protective film of a mobile phone or tablet can be cleaned using the same procedures as cleaning of the screen. If the film was not cleaned in this way, it may be that the dirt are already scratches and damage direct to their own film, being necessary the replacement of the protective film. The use of a protective cover of quality can also help to improve the protection to the film, avoiding damage, and of course, the dirt.

You Can Clear the Screen of the Phone with Alcohol, Tooth Paste

Not. Unless you want a cell phone scratched or damaged.

Cleaning Kits for Mobile and Tablets Worth?

You can buy cleaning kits and cleaning solutions, but the microfiber cloth with water is an inexpensive and efficient solution. Remember to wash your hands regularly to keep your device screen clean, since less oil on the hands means less dirt on the screen of your devices.

How do you make cleaning your touchscreen device? Has some procedure different from our own? Which?