How to Connect the mobile Phone on the Smart TV?

It is not so difficult to go through photos, videos, or to convey what is on the screen of your phone or tablet to your tv. If you have not yet tried, we have an easy guide on how to connect your mobile phone or tablet on the TV, enjoying all the benefits that this can bring.

How to Connect the Mobile in Smart TV: Preparing the Connection

It is very easy to connect your smartphone to a smart TV directly via WiFi. This allows you to stream different media to Android devices. Among the main manufacturers of smart TV are Samsung, Sony, Philips, LG and Panasonic. Their smart TVs offer the ability to connect smartphones and tablets via WiFi on the same network for transmission. Some manufacturers also allow a direct connection to the wireless for the Smart TV. For example, the TVs, the new Sony, Samsung and LG offer a “mirror screen”, allowing you to view what is on the screen of your smartphone.

It is very easy to transfer photos, videos, and to stream YouTube to a smart TV with Android smartphones and tablets. While the YouTube app for Android can be easily connected to a TV through the streaming icon, view photos and videos may require a little more effort. Where the old app from the Gallery requires that you send each image individually through the share button of the TV, this function is no longer available in the Photos app from Google.

How to Pair Mobile Phone with TV Smart: the Right App can Help

Streaming apps are free useful. They allow you to transfer photos, videos and music from your smartphone or tablet to a Smart TV or other devices enabled for DLNA, such as sound systems and boxes to multimedia. With these apps, you can select by type of file, and also play videos in succession is automatic on your TV. Another option is to install Android apps on the TV itself.

The transmission of a wireless network is usually associated to the reproduction delayed on smart TVs. It doesn’t matter much with the transmission of images, but this can make the transmitted video a little annoying. Search for different apps in the Play Store and test. Do not need to pay, test free version before you take money out of the pocket.

Connect Phone in Smart TV: Using the TV as a Display Device

Keep in mind that you can not always stream content from your phone to TV via wireless connectivity. Any person who wants to avoid problems such as this should run a direct connection to the Smart TV or normal TV. You can do this with a smartphone or tablet via HDMI input.

Although it is difficult to find an HDMI output compact for tablets, whether in the form of mini-HDMI or micro-HDMI, you do not need it for your smartphone. The majority of mobile phones simply do not have enough space for adapters. This problem can be resolved with the expander port USB Mobile High-Definition Link (MHL). The MHL 3.0 even allows you to broadcast HDMI content in 4K from mobile devices to tvs Ultra-HD.

Connect an Android Smartphone with a TV: SlimPort as an Alternative to the MHL

Google, along with other manufacturers of phones, did not support the MHL, but SlimPort. With the SlimPort, the USB is used in combination with a cable separate adapter to connect to a TV or projector via HDMI. A list of compatible devices with SlimPort can still connect to tvs, simply browse through the list and by the necessary cables for direct connection.

Connect an Android Smartphone with a TV: What you Can Also Try

If neither wireless transmission or MHL / SlimPort are a solution to connect your Android smartphone to your TV, then you might be able to simply connect it to the USB port of the TV. In this way, photos and videos stored can also be displayed on the TV from the internal memory or the microSD card. Otherwise, the TV could give a boost with the help of set-top boxes, or bars of media that act as a bridge between Smart TV and smartphone.

Then there is the Google Chromecast and other streaming devices are similar. These devices allow you to stream content from your smartphone or tablet from Android to the TV. All you need to run it is up to the application Chromecast, that you can find for free on the Play Store and plug in the Chromecast into the HDMI port of your TV.

There are many apps for the Chromecast, as a streaming video from Netflix. And those who want to display photos or videos to friends can stream the content through the application of the apps to the specific, and the device is super cheap.