How to Connect Your Phone Into the TV? USB, HDMI and WiFi!

Every smartphone or tablet it is possible to connect to a TV, regardless of the model. The connection can be made via MHL/SlimPort (via Micro-usb, Micro-HDMI, or using some kind of protocol of wireless transmission.

Connect Cell Phone to TV Via HDMI

HDMI (High Definition Multimedia Interface) all modern tv uses this type of connection. Some Android devices have a HDMI connector smaller (micro or mini), that connects to a television by a cable that has a HDMI normal size at the other end, which must be connected to the TV. There are tvs that have HDMI micro or mini, but it is rare to find, it is better to buy an adapter.

Necessarily you will only be able to connect your smartphone or tablet to a TV via HDMI if your device has a HDMI output. It is the simplest form of connection, while limiting their choices of devices.

Select on the remote control the HDMI corresponding to the input of the tv, and start to use.

Connect the Cell Phone on TV Via USB, MHL (Mobile High Definition Link), or SlimPort

It is important to make it very clear: not all devices that can transmit images via MHL. The MHL and SlimPort are nothing more than standards that use the output microUSBdevice to transmit audio, video and images.

You will need an adapter connecting your smartphone or tablet up to the tv. In fact, you will connect your device to the converter, and the adaptor has an HDMI output to the tv.

Televisions most modern may already have support for these patterns of transmission. You will need to check in the manual or on the tv itself, above the HDMI input, by written MHL or SlimPort, where you can connect an HDMI cable to the microUSB directly to your unit without a converter or adapter.

Older televisions that do not have support for MHL and SlimPort, precision converters to work, in addition to a power source.

It is worth remembering that those who have a mobile phone or tablet from Apple will have to pay more expensive for original cables from the manufacturer compatible with the entry owner of the tablet and smartphone of the company.

Just select the HDMI input on the remote control in which you have connected your smartphone or tablet and start using it.

Connect Cell Phone to TV Via WiFi

The most efficient way to connect your smartphone or tablet to your TV is for some wireless protocol. There are several, such as Miracast, DLNA, AirPlay, Chromecast. Your TV, however, will need to be connected to a wireless network. This can be accomplished in two ways: being on the TV a smart TV, or through the accessories of the TV (like Chromecast and USB dongles), which provide Wi-Fi capabilities for televisions.

About the accessories, just connect them to the HDMI and/or USB of your tv, and configure them for the WiFi network of your residence. The same goes for your tv. The Chromecast mirror the screen of your Android device, while Apple TV, using AirPlay, allows streaming from Apple devices.

In all cases, it will be necessary for smartphones, tablets, and TV are connected on the same network and are paired.

Turn on the TV and the smartphone, connecting both to the WiFi network of your home or use WiFi Direct to connect directly to your tv. If you use the Apple TV, Chromecast, or any similar device, connect the device to do the streaming.

On the remote control the TV, press the button corresponding to the input where is the streaming device is in HDMI 1, press the HDMI or INPUT button to put in that option. Remembering that on some televisions, the TV automatically goes to your device without having to tighten the INPUT.

Look in your device by “Display Wireless”, “Wireless Display” or similar option. If your TV is already configured correctly, it will show the screen of your device. You can do the same using applications, such as YouTube, which has a function of transmitting the image to another device. It’s really simple, simply open the application on the smartphone.

We hope that we have helped. If you got still any questions, leave them in the comments.