How to Secure the Cables From Your Smartphone or Tablet?

The charging cables worn or broken they are a terror to usuáruis of tablets and smartphones. To help these people to not have these headaches, we have gathered the top tips and tricks to repair and protect the cables of chargers and data cables.

Put the Spring in the Loader: How to Do?

It’s ugly, but it is a trick that works. If you have a couple of old pens click, you can destroy them and wrap up the spring of them around your cable to the iPhone to protect it. Just remove the spring from the pen and roll it around on your cable of the iPhone on the top and bottom, making sure to cover the part slightly thicker just below the connector. This will help prevent the cord if you fold over too much and keep everything together.Simply “snap” the spring around the cable and go on twirling, as if it were a wire.

Cable Protection: Using Paracord

Cut a piece of paracord. Melt the ends so that it does not desfiem, and start to weave around your charging cable using the node “snake” (several guides on the internet to help us make this node). The end result is that less ugly than a spring pen, in addition to being able to have a customization color to please the eye.

As Skinning Charger: Insulation Tape

Take a vinyl tape and wrap the ends of the cable where they meet the connector. Wrap the electrical tape as tight as possible a few times. This trick works very well for little cost, but over time, the tape can come off and leaves a sticky residue on the wire. This will keep you protected, however, until you can get a new cable or get some other type of protection for the cable. Be sure, however, wrapping the cable and a piece of connector for the best results.

Protector of the Charger Cable with the Pipe End Retractable

Using tubes thermo retractable, your cable will be better protected. This material is cheap, available in many colors, and can be easily found in your electrical store. Slide the material over the cable and heat it with a hair dryer. He shrinks to fit in your cable and provide a good reinforcement. Extra protection you’ll be able to engage the cable first by a spring pen, then use the tube on the cord, going up to the base of the connector.

Buying a Reinforced Cord to Your Smartphone or Tablet

You can simply avoid the problems and buy a cable reinforced at the same price as an original. There are tons of cables reinforced in the market that have features like braided cords of metal, fibers of Kevlar, multiple layers of protection, connectors, best manufactured, and many other options extravagant. Search for if the cable has at least one seal of the INMETRO, or other body of tests to ensure that your device will not be damaged.

How do you protect the cables of your devices? What tips would you give to those who need to protect the cables better?