How to Update All the Applications on the Phone?

Is this your first smartphone or just the most recent, there is so much to love in your new device and it all starts with the location of some apps to fill your new phone (or tablet). Google Play is the app store that Google and the App Store the application store of Apple. both are an important part of security as Android and iOS, since it checks the applications before and after the download and the monitors in search of unusual activities. Can be a bit tricky to monitor as many apps after you install multiple on your device but, with the right clues, you can monitor them and update them without much difficulty.

Update All in the Android Phone

The applications need updates from time to time, and if you need to manually update their apps, is not something very difficult.

Tap on the icon of Google Play on the home screen. Swipe from the left edge of the screen OR tap the menu icon three lines in the white bar top to open the menu. Tap on My apps and games. The applications that need updates will appear at the top of the list. Tap Update all to update all apps that need updates.

If you want to upgrade a single application instead of all of them, you can also do this. Follow the same steps above, but instead of tap Upgrade all tap on the app you want to update and tap Update. If there are new permissions, read them before you touch Accept.

Update My Apps Automatically in Android

Instead of manually update the applications, which is easy to forget, Google Play is configured to automatically update the apps for you when you are using Wi-Fi. If you would prefer to have it install updates automatically even when you are on cellular data or do not update automatically – you can change the setting easily.

Tap on the icon of Google Play on the home screen. Swipe from the left edge of the screen or tap the menu icon three lines in the white bar top to open the menu. Swipe up to scroll down. Tap Settings, and then Update applications automatically.

To disable the automatic update, select the do Not update apps automatically. To enable the automatic update in the data cell, select auto-Update at any time.

If there are applications that you do not want to auto-update it is possible to turn them off automatic updating, allowing your other applications remain updated. Swipe from the left edge of the screen or tap the menu icon three lines in the white bar top to open the menu. Scroll down and tap on My apps and games. Scroll down and tap on the app that you do not want to update automatically. Tap the menu icon three dots in the upper right corner of the screen (next to the search icon). Tap to uncheck automatic Updating.

Update the Apps on IOS

Keep your apps updated on iPhone and iPad usually is a good idea, since the app updates often include bug fixes, performance improvements, enhancements, compatibility or even completely new features to apps and games. IOS users can update the apps by opening the App Store and accessing the tab “Updates”, but sometimes an update may not appear despite being available on other devices or for other users. The solution to this situation is to update the Updates section and see if there are new app updates available

You can update the Updates section of the App Store on an iPhone or iPad, although the way how you update the Updates tab in the App Store have changed in more recent versions of iOS in comparison with the previous versions. The good news is that the change is for the better, and now the checking for new updates for the App Store is better and easier than before.

Open the App Store on iOS, as usual, by tapping on the icon on your home screen. Go to the section “Updates” from the App Store. Tap the top of the screen, near the text “Updates”, hold and pull down and release. When the wait cursor spinning finished spinning, any new update of application will be displayed. After that the Updates section is updated, you can find additional updates if they are available, and the small indicator badge on the Updates tab and the App Store icon will also be updated.

As usual, you can upgrade all existing applications that has new versions available by tapping on the “Update all” or update individually each application as desired.

This gesture of “pull and release to refresh” is now introduced in the App Store is, in fact, the same in several other applications for iOS. In fact, this is the same gesture that looks for new mail in Mail for iOS, although many users also do not know about this feature.