HTC Announces That There Will Be No Update to Android 5 Lollipop for The One Mini 2

HTC One Mini 2 carries just one year on the market, and all those who bet on this device to have in a small size the excellent design of the range One of HTC today feel a little disappointed, because the Taiwanese company it has anunciadoque the device Finally, you will not receive Android 5 Lollipop.

Community Manager of the company already carries a couple of days taking them to do with angry users, and the argument that has defended the decision by HTC is that the user experience would not be optimum enough. As you can imagine, the original Mini One will not receive update.

Actually this HTC decision should not be surprised us too, in fact nor could other manufacturers such as Samsung to do the same with its lower ranges. But it must also be said that there are others like Motorola or Sony that that seem willing to bet on update them, in fact it is something that Motorola has already been doing.

But the case of HTC is particularly sensitive, for a lot of criticism they have received since the launch of its flagship of this year, and that made it difficult to calm the waters year coming, reason why any new setback a bit more taut rope manufacturer relationship with their users.

Us still not rasguemos the garments with this news, although it is bleeding that a mobile 2014 cannot with a version of Android elicited the same year. And is that HTC also know well to do other things, and some of them as the unlocked bootloader users may use to opt the official CyanogenMod support.