HTC Could Be Planning to Introduce Ads and Applications Recommended in Blinkfeed

There are times that it is difficult to understand certain choices in the world of technology. Not so much because they are not reasonable or justified but because of the negative impact that can have. If confirmed the rumor that Upleaks launched today, HTC could make a very big mistake with more harm than good.

Twitter account with leaks about the world of technology has published what appears, is not confirmed, a few slides showing how HTC wants to insert advertising into the launcher from their phones. In the column of Blinkfeed (where we can see a summary of the best in our social networks) could appear in a future ads and recommended applications. The objective by the Taiwanese is very clear: get income.

Looking for ways to raise revenue

Last week we saw how HTC harvested a few very poor results in the month of April: the worst figures of the company in the fourth month of the year. Something troubling if we take into account that it has coincided with the debut of its flagship for 2015, the HTC One M9. Seen this, it is understandable that the Taiwanese want to turn the tide and get fast profits.

However, if esto is confirmed it would be a serious mistake. It is understandable that software developers want to get income with his creations, especially when they do not depend on any manufacturer. HTC seeks money with ads in your own launcher It is a bit contentious and ugly for users. It is understandable that they want to make money but may not be the most appropriate way.

You are probably thinking that other companies do something similar: Google makes mobile advertising (but does it with more tact) and Samsung has paid as its applications store services but is searching for value with exclusive creations where the payment is also going to the creators of apps.

Integration, as you can see in the screenshots, is fairly comprehensive and they would only be required a few clicks to buy content. If they finally make it, it is true that we can always change the launcher and forget about the problem but it is a pity that one of the best launchers that exist for Android, clouding with this function.