HTC One-That’s How You Get Pure Google in Just a Few Minutes

Have you purchased HTC One with Android and HTC´s Blinkfeed, but would rather have pure Google Android, so see here.

When HTC announced that there would be an HTC One with Google Play edition, some owners of HTC One half mopsede, since they had just bought a smartphone with HTC´s version of Android and Blinkfeed.

Now it seems that there is help from the folks from PocketNow, who has created a video describing how to convert your existing One to a HTC HTC One Google Play edition.

The process can be done, because HTC has released the so-called “kernel source code”, as the developers quickly made available to all other users of the HTC One.

See in the video below, but we would like to point out that we have not tested this method and therefore cannot guarantee for any unintended consequences.