Huawei Ascend P6 on the Way in Google Play Edition

Chinese Huawei is currently working together with Google, to make Ascend P6 in a Google Play edition.

The Chinese mobile manufacturer Huawei has recently presented their new Ascend P6, there will be the thinnest smartphone in the world at only 6.18 cm.

Ascend P6 is an Android phone, which like other units get their own Emotion the Chinese user interface.

There is, however, by forming a trend in the direction of more Android phones running Android without cell producers clean user interface.

In an interview with Pocket-Lint said Kevin Ho, head of the Huaweis smartphone division, that the company worked with Google to create an Ascend P6 in a Google Play edition.

Later, the company has spelled out their opinions, and said that currently only plans an Ascend P6 with Huaweis own Emotion user interface.

However, it seems as if Mr Ho has talked about it, and Huawei has tried to save in subsequent country – we believe therefore, that after a while on the street, will get an Ascend P6 in Google Play edition.