Samsung has extended this Wednesday to your smartwatches line with the Gear S3 Frontier and the Gear S3 Classic. A bet on the autonomy of their wearables that work now without the constant support of a smartphone.

As the South Korean technology did predict their invitations (enough) suggestive, the Gear S3 met today. In a presentation held at the Tempodrom in Berlin, Samsung unveiled the third S-line model that, this time, comes in two versions: the Frontier, with support for LTE and links with a more practical design and Classic , betting on a more sophisticated image through a metallic design.

With this new model, the company wanted to do what he couldn’t with your predecessor and created a device capable of operating completely autonomously.

One of its most prominent features was the new 3800mAh battery. With this power, the smartwatch clock can take up to four days with a single loading. According to the technology, this battery is essential to a watch that can now override a smartphone, is in the call of a Uber or calls because there’s a microphone and a built-in speaker and the Gear S3 can reproduce your carrier’s service on your system.

Both models have IP68 certification against water and dust, as well as glass Gorilla Glass SR + which ensures a higher resistance against shocks and most violent impacts. On the Frontier, this facet of “Iron Man” of the Gear S3 gets new meaning with a extra resistance that fortifies against extreme temperatures.

The range of available sensors are now GPS (integrated), altimeter and barometer, three additions aimed at enticing users more adventurous. To complete this team there is still a NFC chip that makes now possible using the Samsung Pay without pairing with a smartphone.

However, despite arise as an independent gadget Gear S3 peca on compatibility, for now, available, because if you’re thinking of purchasing one of these smartwatches, you better have a Samsung mobile phone. According to one of the exhibitors, the clock can only connect to the last brand equipment but there are strong possibilities of seeing this wide range in the coming months.

On the other hand, a range that is nothing is reduced of clamps for the Pebble smart watches reviewed by This Wednesday, in addition to two new watches, it was possible to watch a real parade of possibilities for customizing the clock is in brackets or dials that, with the migration of functionality Always on Display for this watch, will be, more than ever, an essential part of this gadget.