In 2013, Orange Surpassed 12 Million Mobile Lines, with Strong Growth of Contracts

The crisis has pointed in the telecommunications sector, with revenues that come falling for years and many users seeking refuge in virtual mobile operators, now exceed 12% of the Spanish mobile market, but despite this the Orange 2013 results they have been positive for the operator.

And is that the turnover of the oranges grew slightly last year, while if only we look at the mobile industry revenues they would have fallen 1.9%, but the more relevant point is that Orange got to continue capturing mobile telephone line, surpassing the 12 million customers with a high penetration of contract.

Total revenues of Orange in Spain in 2013 grew 0.6% compared to the previous year but Mobile fell 1.9%, clarifying the company that excluding the regulatory impacts they would have grown a 1.7%. In spite of this the French operator has reasons for joy by their mobile lines data.

12.377.000 lines with a 72.3% of contract

Mobile lines of Orange base grew during 2013 a 4.5%, emphasizing that it was the segment of postpaid which most came up, with a growth of a 10.4%. A fact that according to the CNMC makes Orange lie in second place by number of lines of contract in Spain and that it close to his aim of getting that position in total number of mobile lines.

The French company also highlights other interesting facts, such as the more than two million lines of virtual coverage (one 17% more than in 2012), or the rapid expansion of its 4 g. specifically Orange already covers more than 40% of the Spanish population and has 530,000 customers who use its 4G network.

The bet that is also running the French is the converged offering. Babysitting rates, that integrate fixed, ADSL and mobile, seem to be catching on since Orange managed 297,000 ADSL lines in 2013, placing according to them as second operator in broadband fixed for Spain, with a total of 1.693.000.

2014: fiber and more 4G

The trend in Orange looks set to go around the new technologies, both the fixed segment in the mobile. On the one hand company, as their closest rivals, will continue with its commitment for the 4G, ensure win more than 100,000 users of this technology a month, and with the deployment of fiber to the home to provide connections for high speed, available now in six cities.

With these two bets whites and the sum of Amena and Simyo Orange you can continue growing during 2014, although some would not come you wrong renewal of your mobile contract rates, that you have lagged behind not only with the virtual or Yoigo but also with its most direct rival, Vodafone.