Internet Very Slow? See Your Rights!

Can be more than just really frustrating if you are not getting a great broadband speed your service provider promised, you may be a victim of breach of contract, and have guaranteed rights as a consumer in this case.

Internet is Very Slow: Their Contractual Rights

If the broadband speed you are getting is slower than promised your broadband provider may be breaking the contract. This means that you can make a claim against the provider of broadband services, ANATEL and PROCON

The service that you hire should offer the speed according to what was contracted. And although regulators have some technical specifications about the percentage of the speed that the operator can deliver (the operator is not obliged to deliver 100% of the speed contracted), the brazilian case law has been on the side of consumers, who are not informed about this and you are left with a slow internet.

Worse still, the carrier may have omitted information about his internet, and now be limiting your speed without having informed on. Maybe your internet has a franchise, and you were not clearly informed at the time of the contract.

Step by Step to Complain of Slow Internet

If your broadband speed is slower than normal, the first step is to complain to your broadband provider. Call technical support at the number that is typically available on the modem or router from your service provider, or on the website of the company. Please allow up to 24 hours for solution of the problem, or to the visiting technician. Record the number of the protocol.

The second step, with the problem not being resolved, is to register a complaint by ANATEL’s site or by phone to the FCC. The carrier will have a time limit to get in contact with you and resolve the problem. The consumer will be entitled to the abatement proportional in to your account proportional to the time in which you had the problem. Just get in touch with the company.

The third step, so that the deadline given by the fcc is not respected by the operator, is to go to the PROCON your city and register a complaint. The PROCON will schedule a hearing for a tentative agreement between you and the company.

The fourth step, if none of the previous work, is to enter a lawsuit against the carrier in small claims court. It’s important to remember that you will need to prove that speed is not being delivered. For this, hire a technician at independent computer that can install a monitor internet speed monitor your speed, in order to give more strength to your process to obtain financial reparation in court.

The fifth step is to switch operator. Search for as well this time, and compare a lot in the internet, both opinions of other clients, as well as in quality, and on price and conditions of the contracts. See what is in the contract to the question of the franchise, and the limitation of access.

Broadband Speed Advertised is Not Guaranteed!

As we said above, but it is important to strengthen: the company is not required to deliver 100% of the speed contracted. The fcc is increasing the percentage that companies are obliged to deliver in the last few years, and the case law of the brazilian courts have decided in favour of consumers. But to prevent headaches, a quick search on the internet will leave you well informed on what carriers are delivering the more close to 100% as possible to the speed of the broadband advertised. Remember that being informed is your best weapon against companies who want to take advantage of their innocence.

Always Monitor Your Broadband Speed


You must use a service, check broadband speed to see if you are getting a service significantly slower than it should. There are several monitors online and programs that are records contained in the speed of your internet you can and should use for this monitoring. Swings of 5% to 10% in speed are acceptable, but more than that, you have more reasons to complain. Remember that your service provider has to offer a high quality service, always.

It was clear how to assert your rights when your internet is slow or you still have doubts? Leave us feedback situations, cases, and questions that you want to share!