It Seems, But It’s Not: The Mechanical Clock That Resembles The Apple Watch

It is not today that watchmaking h. Moser & Cie has challenged the market with the presentation of his “mechanical smartwatches”. Over the past year, sparked fury when submitting your “smartwatch clock of Haute Horlogerie” that, after a lot of mystery has been revealed and performed more like a marketing ploy than anything else: Endeavour Perpetual Calendar Funky Blue.
This time the story almost repeats itself, but in a somewhat different way. His presentation, called h. Moser & Cie. Alp Watch looks quite similar to the world’s most intelligent clock commented since your launch: Apple Watch. “Instead of creating a clock with electronic and mechanical-looking heart, we did just the opposite: Alp Watch is inspired by the design of the smartwatches, but is entirely mechanic”, reports the independent watchmaking in your official website.
I know video of disclosure is clearly ironic, makes direct references to videos of dissemination of Apple products and still challenges: “Get a life, upgrade to a mechanical watch”, something like “get a life, upgrade to a mechanical watch.
“It’s a new challenge, we want to prove that the traditional Swiss watchmaking, has your future and is, in fact, the future. Swiss Alp is symbolic, it represents our resilience, our fierce desire to fight for our values and traditions. He embodies everything we believe, “said Edouard Meylan, CEO of the Gametate, in a statement to the press.
The play will be limited to only 50 units. The commercial value of the model was not released. The h. Moser & Cie does not have resale in Brazil.