Iwatch, Wristwatch, Should Be Released Later This Year

The iWatch, future watch clever of Apple, may be starting to be sold later this year.According to a source connected with the BloombergNews Agency, about 100 people are currently working on a project for him to leave as soon as possible. The gadget, in addition to showing the time, give access to maps and offer sensors that inform health data, such as monitoring the user’s heart rate.

According to other reports about smartwatch market this week by the Payhelpcenter.com, which is delaying the development of appliance is your battery, since Apple be studying a way to watch be greater autonomy. According to the report of Bloomberg, the engineers want the battery to work four to five days without recharging.

By all indications, the clock can run with an adapted version of the iOS operating system.The report still reports that the market is more attractive for the company than the Apple TV, because they present a profit margin of 60 percent, which would be four times more than the market for televisions.

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Of the total, the Cupertino giant have recorded at least 79 patents directly related to watches. One of the requests includes a technology for devices with flexible displayand powered by kinetic energy.