Jordan Basic Information

Jordan Basic Information
Basic data
Capital Amman
Population 11.20 million
Language Arabic, English widespread
Religion Islam (95%), Christianity (4%), others (1%)
State system constitutional monarchy
Head of State Abdullah II
Head of government Bisher Al-Khasawneh
Currency name Jordanian Dinar (JOD)
Time shift + 1 hour
Economy 2021
Nominal GDP (billion USD) 107.2
Economic growth (%) 2.5
Inflation (%) 1.4
Unemployment (%) 22

As one of countries that start with letter J according to Countryaah, the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan has been an independent state since 1946, it was established in the former British mandated territory of Transjordan. It is ruled by the Hashim family, the current king is Abdullah II. It has a very important position within Jordan and actively represents the country abroad. According to the Jordanian constitution, the king has executive power, which he exercises through ministers, and he shares legislative power with the parliament, which consists of the elected House of Representatives and the Senate, whose members he appoints himself. In addition to civil courts, the Jordanian justice system also includes religious courts. Jordan is a traditional commercial crossroads of the Middle East, its metropolis of five million Amman is the fifth largest city in the Arab world and the third most popular location for regional branches of international corporations. The area and population of Jordan are comparable to the Czech Republic.

The long-term worsening economic crisis, closely linked to the constant postponement of fundamental political and economic reforms, was further strengthened by the effects of the pandemic. Unemployment has reached record numbers and national debt has exceeded 100% of GDP, with a slow recovery to previous levels. The revival of the economy was mainly started by the restoration of tourism and related services and retail trade in the second half of 2022. The low diversification of the economy combined with significant dependence on imports in most areas is the cause of weak resistance to external influences. The Jordanian budget has been in deficit for a long time and is dependent on the inflow of foreign donations and grants, in addition to state donors, Jordan also receives significant support from the World Bank, the International Monetary Fund and the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development. At the same time, these institutions insist on the implementation of reforms, whether it is the restructuring of the loss-making energy sector, the reduction of the bureaucratic burden and costs of state administration, a new investment law or the completion of the revision of the tax system. In addition, large-scale investment activities are also needed to turn the rudder towards growth, for which the country lacks the necessary capital. It is in Jordan’s vital interest to commit to the necessary reforms, improve the investment environment and shift finance from subsidies to investments. When it happens, you need to be there, because it also means a number of interesting opportunities in fields where the Czech Republic definitely has something to offer.

From the point of view of the Czech Republic, the long-term perspective is the defense sector, to which a third of the budget goes and which appreciates the good experience of cooperation with Czech companies. Jordan lacks significant deposits of oil or natural gas, greater independence from foreign sources offers it ideal natural conditions for solar and wind energy, opportunities are also offered in the field of energy-saving solutions. Increasing water consumption and dwindling water supplies in the world’s 2nd driest country make the water management sector vital in all its aspects. Modernization of the agricultural sector, dependent on irrigation, is one of the main government priorities also due to the interest in greater food security. To fulfill the potential that Jordan’s location on the border of Europe, Africa and Asia, including access to the Red Sea, brings to Jordan, it lacks sufficient and high-quality inland infrastructure. The only functioning railway is obsolete, road construction is still limited by law to local companies only. The high level and quality of technical education of Jordanians is one of the stimuli for the rapid development of the ICT sector, while Jordan does not hide its ambitions to become a regional information hub.

Practical telephone numbers (emergency services, police, firemen, information lines, etc.)

911 – emergency call (police, ambulance, fire brigade) – can also be arranged in English

117777 or 656 903 86 – tourist police (24 hours a day, English)

190 – traffic accidents

191 – criminal police

193 – rescue service

194 – highway police

196 – immigration police (visa and residence requirements)

199 – firefighters

Important web links and contacts

Official website of the King:


Ministry of Foreign Affairs:; email: [email protected]

Ministry of Industry, Trade and Supply:; email: [email protected]

Ministry of Investment:; email: [email protected]

Ministry of Planning and International Cooperation:; email: [email protected]

Ministry of Finance:; email: [email protected]

Department of the Interior:; email: [email protected]

Ministry of Justice:; [email protected]

Ministry of Transport:; [email protected]

Ministry of Water and Irrigation:; email: [email protected]

Department of Digital Economy and Business:; email: [email protected]

Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources:; email: [email protected]

Ministry of Labor:; email: [email protected]

Ministry of Health:; email: [email protected]

Ministry of Agriculture:; email: [email protected]

Ministry of Higher Education and Research:; email: [email protected]

Ministry of Public Works and Housing:; email: [email protected]

Ministry of Regional Administration:; email: [email protected]

Ministry of Social Development:; email: [email protected]

Ministry of Tourism and Monuments:; email: [email protected]

Ministry of Religious Affairs and Administration of Holy Places:; email: [email protected]

Ministry of Culture:; email: [email protected]

Ministry of Education:; email: [email protected]

Ministry of the Environment:; email: [email protected]

Ministry of Political and Parliamentary Affairs:; email: [email protected]

Ministry of Youth:; email: [email protected]

Central Bank of Jordan:

Jordan Enterprises Development Corporation:

Government Procurement Department:

Jordan Online E-Procurement System:

Jordan Customs Department:

General Sales and Income Tax Department:

Jordan Chamber of Commerce:

Jordan Chamber of Industry:

Amman Chamber of Commerce:

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Jordan Basic Information