Jumper Ez Book 3 Test: Good and Cheaper Mac Book Clone From China

The jumper Ez Book 3 is not a Mac Book. It looks so, but less power and costs only a fraction with under 200 euros. We do the test.
Jumper has arrived with his successful Ez Book series at the number 3.The test must prove the Ez Book 3 and explain why it’s a good notebook for less than 200 euros. The test device comes from Gear best, the price is 178,55 euros during an import from China currently in a discount promotion. During an import, select the best the free shipping option “Priority Line” – then you don’t need to worry about customs and import.The delivery time is typically slightly longer for imports. Gear best is 9 to 15 working days. You worth it however.


Jumper Ez Book 3 Test Good and Cheaper Mac Book Clone From China

Jumper Ez Book 3 in the Test: The Exterior

As a processor, Intel’s latest Apollo is installed Lake Celer on N3350 slightly less coming so quickly as a core of M. Resolves the 14-inch display with 1920 x 1080 pixels. 4 GB RAM are installed and in terms of memory 64 GB eMMC available available to us. Windows 10 pre-installed, resolves the camera with 2 megapixels and the battery gives 10,500 mAh.

In comparison to the Ez Book 2 jumper at the Ez Book 3 has installed more plastic and less aluminum. It feels okay though, the Ez Book loses by this usage but significantly in value. This jumper in terms of processing can score. Everything looks good, feels good. It is nice that the frame around the display is shrunk. Thus, for example the we bcam under the screen is been pushed. This is unusual, but not appreciably restrict video conferences.

Although plastic has been used, the overall stability of the Ez Book 3 has improved. Could you almost turn through the predecessor with some pressure, it has unnecessary with the Ez Book 3. With regard to the connections, there is little reason for gripes. A USB – 3.0 – a micro HDMI port and the port for the battery charger are located on the left side. On the right side we find a 3.5 mm headphone jack, a USB 2.0 port, and a micro-SD card reader.

By the way, will be pleased hobbyist, you can disassemble the under body of the Ez Book 3 with four small screws. Under the cover, free mSATA port is found, so that an SSD can be upgraded easily. Pay attention only to the correct standard (mSATA instead of SATA).
The keyboard has been improved in comparison with its predecessor. Although it exists only in the international style of QUERTY, with stickers and software-side conversion to ‘German’, this circumstance can but go to. Also the track pad has been revised. It is now not only black, but can be more precise input than even when its predecessor. The surface is somewhat rough, but still good fingers. It was a good decision not to support the Windows gestures. It had been many failed attempts in the past.

Jumper Ez Book 3 in the Test: The Display

If we are honest, then the display in the Ez Book 2 was but no real ROAR but okay. Therefore we were curious to see how the Ez Book would 3 here. As described above, the LCD TN resolves Panel with 1920 x 1080 at 60 Hz, natively. Contrast and color fidelity are at a very good level. In virtually every area of jumper here has made corrections that one immediately jump into the eye. The viewing angle stability is good. Of course, to a high quality IPS display does not approach, but here, after all, we are talking about a device that is there for less than 200 euros. Well we liked the brightness of the display. At only 70% brightness value, you can use the Ez Book 3 even in the open air. Beautiful: the display reflects hardly anti glare coating.

Jumper Ez Book 3 in the Test: The Performance

The integrated Intel Celer on N3350 offers only two computing cores with the 1.1 GHz base and 2.5 GHz maximum clock, but they suffice to catapult the Ez Book 3 in the Antutu benchmark beyond the 120,000 points mark.Thus the N3350 is located, approximately in the range of a Snapdragon 820 which is loose enough for Windows 10, Office work and Internet-surfing. The Ez Book 3 loose is also less demanding games.
The battery is also well placed. Who just SURFs, the loose copes 7 hours with a charge. Who plays videos, can expect around 5 hours.
Too bad that the installed 4 GB not upgrading RAM can be. Especially for multitasking tasks, here are a few GB would have been not more bad.Two or three programs running at the same time though, then it will be but noticeably tiring for the hardware.

Jumper Ez Book 3 Test: Conclusion

In terms of price/performance, the Ez Book 3 is a stunner. Of course, it comes up in terms of performance to Apple devices or other high-priced laptops. But that also don’t want to jumper. The Ez Book 3 is exactly the right appliance for those who some want to surf, who write a couple of mails or edit Excel lists back and forth. In addition, that jumper especially when compared with the Ez Book has made 2 important improvements affecting mainly the look, feel, and ease of use. Class!