LG Italy: from 1 January 2016 No More Guarantee for Smartphones Moddati

LG Italy, using social networks and mailing lists, announced the new rules related to guarantee Italy of its devices.

Starting from 1 January 2016, will no longer be provided free care to devices that have been modified software such as root permissions active, alternative ROM installed or unlocked bootloader.

The news can affect mostly those who follow closely the world of custom ROMs and who like to modify deeply your smartphone.

We present the team release social by LG Italy:

The new rules will be applied from April 1, 2016:

  • LG Electronics italia S.p.A. informs that all devices purchased from 1° April 2016, which will detect unlocking the bootloader or will have undergone a process of rooting with installing custom firmware LG, cannot avail of free repair or replacement or reimbursement of the purchase price, regardless of the defect complained and reported. Such practices, these terminals purchased on April 1, 2016 will be treated as a tamper-resistant software as indicated in LG’s warranty document determines the warranty out itself.
  • It is understood that if you want to repair the product rootato surcharge and the restoration of the official firmware version the formal guarantee back effective for future warranty repairs, always considering the 2 years from the date of purchase.
  • For products purchased prior to 1 open 2016 vale the following rule: If the defect is due to a software problem (crash, shutdown, no network, etc.) the phone will handle out of warranty; Conversely, if the defect is due to a hardware problem (microphone, headset, lcd, etc.) will be handled exclusively by the warranty verification Center.

Good day from Social team LG Italy.

Then smartphones purchased after April 1, which will apply the changes mentioned above, will not receive free support for issues related to software, nor for problems related to hardware. Instead for all smartphones purchased previously will be guaranteed free repair only for problems related to hardware.

LG Italy also communicates that this was done to align the warranty rules imposed by LG at the global level, since it was the only one that still provided warranty repairs to this kind of products.

If anyone is considering that this might be an April fool, unfortunately we have to confirm that in a few days will be released an official statement on their social networks and on their website.