MÁSmovil Allowed Speak for 3 Cents/Minute without Hiring Internet with The New Rate Yellow

So far, the price war waged between low-cost operators seems to be focused mostly on the rates to speak and surf but still there are many those who want only to mobile to speak with the price per minute more under possible so MÁSmovil launched on 3 may a rate for those who talk a lot about that replaces the mobile internet a wholesale fee minimum consumption.

Thus, together with the Total fare of the 3 that will follow existing for that also sail, the new Rate yellow allow talk by 3 cents/minute (more establishment of 15 cents) with any national destination at any time in Exchange for a minimum consumption of 19 euros/month in which they also computed to 8 cents/SMS messages and internet at 3 cents/MB.

If you are looking for price per minute reduced without paying monthly fees, the main options that stand out in our comparative rates per minute along with the yellow of MÁSmovil rate is the rate of 5 of Free internet Simyo, 5 rate of Hits with customers free calls, 9 rate of GT Mobile free call set-up or 8 cents/minute from the operators with network that subsidize mobile.