Meet The Update Of The Mechanical Watch That Resembles The Apple Watch

After the release earlier this year, Swiss Alp model your Watch (click here to read the original story), who looks a lot like the famous Apple Watch, watchmaking h. Moser & Cie announced Swiss Alp Watch S, an evolution of your model – which, coincidentally, uses the letter “S” to inform to the public your evolution as the iPhone, also from Apple.
The frisson caused by January’s watch was given, especially around your campaign, which featured as a technological device that promises to bring people together. However, the watch is equipped with a 100% mechanical movement of Swiss manufacture, delivery hour, minute and small seconds on your display.
Your update, the model S, is still equipped with the movement of rope manufacturing 100% manualHMC324 Switzerland, which provides at least 100 hours of power reserve. The same box, crafted in white gold with 38.2 mm wide, 44 mm tall and 10.3 mm in thickness, was also held.
The real change is in the display. He has the characteristics of the brand, but this time it’s in blue ash. The layout of the presentation of the time was maintained. The fittings have a vintage track and connect the box to a crocodile leather strap (the last model was kudu leather) black. The back of the box, transparent, allows the visualization of the movement, as well as an indication of power reserve.
In addition to the evolution on the dial and bracelet LED watch at, the brand also evolved the way to sell your product: “Like Swiss Alp Watch, the model S also does not allow the user to make calls, hunting Pokemon, or even test the newest Snapchat filters. However, he continues to claim at your place as a measuring instrument you time instead of being an instrument of time consumption. He redistributes priorities: give time for you, your loved ones, without embellishments or interface filters “.
Watch, below, the branding campaign for the first version of the template (not disclosed a new campaign):
Swiss Alp Watch is not a limited edition and uses the letter S as a reference the smart, sexy and swiss made, or smart, sexy and Swiss manufacturing. The business value of each piece is $24,900. The h. Moser Cie. no & sale in Brazil.