Microsoft Accuses Google Monopoly in Europe

The Microsoft understands the potential dangers involved in monopolizing a market. As most of the readers of TB may recall, the manufacturer’s Windows received a harsh penalty when the European Commission decided to include Internet Explorer on your system was anti-competitive practices related to the browser market and also ordered Microsoft to offer the choice screen. Now the Redmond giant plans to use what you have learned this lesson against Google.
In an official complaint to the European Commission, Microsoft says that Google dominates 95% of the European search market and is practicing tactics that prevent this monopoly to be broken. Specifically the company cites the case of YouTube, claiming that Android phones and iOS devices have exclusive access to certain APIs that allow searches of video categories, favorites and let you see reviews in videos. But access to these same APIs for Windows Phone 7 devices were denied by Google, which prevents Microsoft from offering a YouTube application so full of functions or as customized.


This is only one of several charges. In a post on TechNet Network Microsoft General Counsel Brad Smith also cites other cases in which Google seeks to maintain its current monopoly and prevent competition to grow, as contractually prevent sites in Europe offer search boxes with Google competitors on the same page.

The complaint was sent yesterday and should be tried in the coming months. If Microsoft has done their homework all right, she might even win, you see. But it’s still a case of wait and see.